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central government jobs for graduates | Government Jobs in India 2020
central government jobs for graduates | Government Jobs in India 2020

Top 10 Government Jobs in India 2020 Latest Govt Jobs Vacancy Notification

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Top 10 government jobs in India 2020

So here is the article of government jobs of India from NmkPro, Carrier is the cause of worry for every student. In this government, jobs give most of the students’ relief from worrying about the carrier. Because there is a guarantee of the job and also have post-retirement services. There are attractive packages also in government jobs. Most of the students have the dream of a government job. Most of the students don’t even know about many government jobs. That’s why today we are going to discuss the top 10 government jobs in India for a brighter future.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Best Indian government jobs.

And also the salary packages for these jobs are attractive. The first thing is which job is better Private or government? You may have a doubt about which job is better government or private? Which job have attractive packages? And which should I prefer? Read the following paragraph you will able to decide what is better for you.

Government jobs in India vs Private jobs in India:

This depends on every candidate. Most of the cases candidates want government jobs and they ran behind them all time. The guarantee is the most important advantage of government jobs because in every government job there is the guarantee of a job. And the disadvantage is salary.

We are not saying that there is a low salary in government jobs. If you think on a bigger level there the private jobs wons battle. In private jobs, you get great opportunities like trips and nowadays most of the companies are caring about their employees. Tee snacks and some companies provide playgrounds and many other facilities for employees.

So it is on you because on both sides there pros and cons. Because their 2 tier 3 jobs are also available on both sides and prestigious jobs are also available in both fields.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Indian government jobs.

Top 10 Indian government Jobs are as follows :

1) Indian Foreign services

High paying government jobs in india
High paying government jobs in india

It is the most prestigious job in India. There are a lot of benefits to this job.

You can get this job by giving an exam of the UPSC. If you have a dream to work in foreign then this is a better job for you because after getting this job you will spend most of the time in foreign. Three years in one country. Along with the job they also offer a luxurious car, the house with housemaids, and free education to children in international schools.

You can prepare for UPSC and after clearing the UPSC exam you can get this job. This is a luxurious job.

Some other Facilities :

  • luxury car
  • luxury house
  • housemaid
  • free air tickets
  • free medical facilities
  • free education to your children in international schools


ias exam government job in india

so this is one of high paying government jobs in India Like IFS IAS and IPS are also luxury jobs. Both jobs are also one of the highest paying government jobs in India. You only need to work for the nation. IAS and IPS are both can get through UPSC. You need to crack UPSC first to get these jobs.

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Facilities provided :

  • Entry-level pay of 50,000 Rs
  • big bungalow like houses in cities
  • free maid
  • subsidized electricity
  • free vehicle

The prestige value of the peoples working under these jobs is very high.

3) Defense services (NDA)

Defense services (NDA) - Government Jobs in India

Not everyone is able to take higher education in India. because of there family background and low financial condition people left education from 12th standard so here is the govt jobs in India 12th pass defense services are also one of the highest paying government jobs in India.

If you are patriotic you will get the chance to work for the nation through NDA. NDA is an exam to enter in these services. You can appear on this exam after 12th For this govt jobs i India.

Facilities provided:

  • transport allowance
  • children education allowance
  • pension after retirement
  • uniform allowance
  • free ration
  • starting salary of 60,000 to 70,000

It is also a prestigious job and also a great opportunity for work for the nation.

4) Scientist/ Engineer in ISRO/DRDO

government jobs in India - isro recruitment

As we all know to work in Isro and DRDO is the dream of many people because it is a great opportunity for working and contributing to the nation. It is a great job for engineers and other scientists in Indian government jobs.

Facilities provided :

  • free food and a canteen allowance
  • free transport
  • bonus after every six months
  • Starting salary of Rs 50,000 to 50,000

5) Indian Forest Services

Indian Forest Services - government jobs in India

Indian forest services are also a good government job. This also job which can be achieved through the UPSC exam. You must clear this exam. This job is a government job and provides other great facilities along with the house, vehicle, etc.

The salary of the IFS officer varies, in different states. But the average salary of the IFS officer is 35000 to 40000. It increments after a particular time. In this job officers only have to manage information in the state about the forest department.

6) Doctors in government hospitals

High paying government jobs in India

We all Know that How prestigious the job of doctors is? The doctors in government hospitals have very high salaries according to their posts. Doctors only have to provide good service to peoples in our country.

In this time of COVID 19, the pandemic demand of the doctors is increased and it will also increase in the future.

Government doctors get various retirement services. They did not have as much physical work as IPS. Therefore becoming a government doctor is the dream of many students. As it is a luxury job.

7) lecturer in government colleges

lecturer in government colleges - High paying government jobs in India

Indian government provides great salaries and services for the lecturers in Indian colleges. They have a very high salary. It is between 30,000-70,000. There many government colleges and also schools in India.

It is a great job for the peoples who love to teach and peoples who want to mentor and instructor of students. The job of a lecturer is very fantastic because you get enough free time in your daily routine. The salary of the lecturer varies from forty thousand to one lakh. It depends on the working experience of the teacher, and the senior teacher gets more salary than junior teachers. The lecturer receives incentives like medical care, accommodation facility, and laptop provisions.

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8) RBI Grade-B officer

RBI Grade-B officer - government jobs - government jobs in India

Working in a bank is a very prestigious job in India. Therefore most of the candidates prepare for many bank exams. Working in RBI is a great opportunity for peoples who loves to work in banks.

RBI is one of the accessible banks in India, and Grade B of RBI is the best post for every interested candidate. The candidate needs to appear for the RBI exams, and then they can surely achieve promotions in the future. The average working salary of RBI Grade B is around sixty-seven thousand rupees with complete DA. The candidate gets three BHK flats, and they get one-eighty liters of petrol per annum. They can educate their children for free in any other place. They also get one lakh after every year for touring around the world.

9) Jobs in PSU

Jobs in PSU - government jobs 2020 - government jobs in India

The engineering candidates can appear for the PSU exam, that is GATE. Mainly students that are not in the interest of corporate fields prefer going into the public sector undertaking jobs.  The salary of every PSU candidate is around fifty-two thousand plus DA; it is the hand income of the PSU, which means they can also get more according to their work. They also get accommodation facilities in the Company, or they get an HRA facility. They get increments in the salary according to the shifting of a post from one place to another. 

10) Jobs in state service commission

The different states conduct exams like SDM, ETO, DSP, and many others for the candidates.  The salary of the State Services Commission varies according to the particular state, but on average, the pay is around forty-five thousand. They get other incentives that include vehicle, furnished house, decrement in electricity, a driver for the car, and many others.

PostVarious posts
Job ProfileSDM, ETO, DSP, etc

So these are the top 10 government jobs in India. You can apply to anyone this job and make a great career. You will get a great and bright future if you study hard and focus on your dream.

Some Ganral FAQ. About Government Jobs in India

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