Integrating AI assistants in daily operations helps to speed up many processes and concentrate on important tasks that require the inclusion of many aspects of human perception. In this article, you find out:

  • Understanding the basis of the ChatGPT model
  • Where you can integrate AI
  • Disadvantages of using the chatbot

Basis of ChatGPT

ChatGPT – the revolutionary Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, crafted by Open AI. It uses the GPT architecture and is trained on a massive corpus of natural language conversations. Cutting-edge technology allows us to effortlessly analyze vast amounts of information and generate human-like language with ease.

How People Usually Use ChatGPT

Many companies use AI helpers at work. Some of the most common are listed below.

  • Virtual assistants

Incorporating virtual assistants into your system can greatly enhance your email management, scheduling capabilities, and customer service. Utilizing ChatGPT can serve as a favorable substitute for altering one’s customary work regimen. Although it may not require a significant amount of time, it is crucial to meticulously scrutinize the content generated by the robot, as it has been known to commit errors on occasion.

  • Email Responders

ChatGPT can facilitate the optimization of routine correspondence duties. Utilizing an Excel table allows for the efficient generation of communications, saving time and effort. ChatGPT is a valuable tool for those who must communicate with candidates or individuals from diverse cultural origins. It can generate different passages, proposals, identities, and languages.

While there are numerous alternatives available, ChatGPT only requires technical descriptions and a few sentences to provide credible responses. However, it is always recommended to review the generated text to ensure its accuracy, as ChatGPT’s capabilities are extensive and can produce extremely specific results.

  • Information Base

ChatGPT knows a great deal and can assist you in finding things you never imagined. Another advantage is that it can answer any of your queries, but only until 2021.

Another issue is that the program does not acknowledge its errors, fails, or provides false information. It is capable of generating text, but the result may be incorrect.

A chatbot will never respond with “I don’t know”; if the information is unavailable or the computer misconstrued the query, it will generate information that may or may not be accurate. Due to the gravity of this issue, the knowledge base should be retested or investigated.

  • Service Desk for IT

The IT Service Desk provides automated support for IT-related issues, such as password resets and account lockouts, to users. This team assists clients with frequently inquired inquiries and resolves their concerns as part of the IT service.

Users may interact with a chatbot that is programmed to respond to predetermined protocols, company wikis, and similar sources when communicating with the service desk. ChatGPT, however, simplifies and streamlines this process. By providing relevant articles or input from your organization’s protocols, for example, ChatGPT can automatically generate responses, resulting in a more efficient and effective interaction. This scenario is common and uncomplicated, making this solution ideal.

  • Assistance in HR

Automated assistance can be provided by AI assistants to employees who need assistance with HR-related matters, such as requests for benefits and time off. Additionally, ChatGPT can replace some HR procedures if you need to communicate with a large number of people or manage a large number of processes. The new premium version of Chat GPT4 has additional features, such as the ability to recognize and analyze call audio and use text messages from any source. It may also be beneficial for the HR department.

These are the five most frequent applications of ChatGPT in information technology. Now, let’s move on to the next theme.

Disadvantages of Using ChatGPT 

ChatGPT has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to use it carefully to gain insights and outcomes.

  • High computational cost of GPT-based models, which demand expensive hardware and infrastructure to function effectively. These models are difficult to understand because they have many parts. A model with many parameters takes more time and resources to train and use. Adjusting a model may require a lot of computer power, depending on the dataset’s size.
  • Lack of ability to manage structured data. ChatGPT is designed to understand and respond in natural language, but it may not be able to handle structured data very well. It cannot manage structured data, which means data that is arranged in a particular manner, like in a database. If you need to work with organized information, using models made specifically for that is best.
  • Security and legal approval may be needed for using customer data on ChatGPT since it is an open-source model. Open-source models are more likely to be attacked or have their data misused, so it’s important to put in place the right security measures. Legal approval may also be needed to make sure rules are followed and users’ information is protected.
  • Limited information and training of ChatGPT. The model was trained using internet data from before 2021, which means it might not have the most recent information. In addition, for customized business learning, a massive quantity of data will be required for reinforced learning and supervised training, which will require ongoing development work. Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning in which a machine learns how to act in a setting by doing things and getting benefits or punishments. Supervised learning, on the other hand, is a type of machine learning in which a model is taught on data that has been labeled so that it can make correct predictions on new data that has not been labeled.


ChatGPT is a popular language model, but it has difficulty processing structured data and requires a lot of computing power and training data. Consider these factors when deciding if ChatGPT is the best choice for your needs.

ChatGPT is an artificial language model that studies a lot of information and creates text that sounds like it was written by a human. ChatGPT can be used in the IT industry for tasks such as answering emails, providing information, helping with IT issues, and assisting HR needs. The chatbot can make software development faster, but it can’t replace human judgment, emotions, and decision-making.