Five Tips On How To Deal With Blogger Burnout

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Being a blogger is an inspiring and empowering experience: you can enjoy sharing your passions with the world and work from anywhere. However, being a blogger is no easy task at all: it requires discipline, time management skills, and creativity. It doesn’t matter if your blog is about gambling at virtual casinos or bookmaker platforms like, baking bread, or traveling: to create interesting content for your followers you must regularly roll out new creative ideas. And when you have a full-time job outside blogging or should combine it with your family, finding a personal balance may be quite hard. Blogging burnout is an emotional state which may have such common signs as lack of motivation, decreased productivity, loss of energy, and a negative attitude towards blogging. If left unchecked, burnout can cause serious mental health and physical problems. Here are five simple tips on how to overcome burnout and get back in the groove.

Make self-care a part of your daily routine

Burnout is often caused by overworking and setting your expectations for your success too high. Pushing yourself too hard to create new content and come up with new ideas makes you feel exhausted. To overcome this state and improve your mental health it is essential to make self-care exercises part of your daily routine. To do this, start practicing a sport you enjoy regularly, such as yoga, and start each morning with a short meditation.

Pay attention to your daily routine, diet, and grade of sleep. Do you eat well? Is your diet balanced and healthy, does it contain enough proteins, fats, and carbohydrates? Excessive consumption of fast food and sugary foods, as well as drinking too much coffee, can harm your body. However, many healthy foods and drinks can fuel your creativity and energy: fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and berries, nuts, and dark chocolate with cocoa content above 90%.

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To analyze the quality and duration of your sleep, you can use different sleep quality apps for IoS or Android or fitness trackers with sleep quality functions. It is also a good idea to take blood and have various tests, perhaps you can take some vitamins. All these techniques can help you recharge your body and mind. If you find it difficult to follow them on your own, you can consult a professional psychologist.

Outsource your tasks to reduce workload

If you manage all of the aspects of your blogging on your own (establishing a publishing schedule, writing and editing texts, making photos and videos, answering messages of your followers, collaborating with other bloggers or influencers, etc.), it may be really hard, especially if you need a rest. Moreover, outsourcing some of your tasks to professional copywriters/editors/web designers/virtual assistants/marketing specialists may bring you an outside perspective you exactly need. You can first try outsourcing some of your administrative tasks for the next two months and hire a freelancer or intern for this amount of time. Who knows, maybe if you will focus on creating content, you find a way out of the blogger crisis. Well, having a partner or a few partners can take you off some pressure and reduce stress.

Set new realistic goals for your blogging career

A lack of motivation or decreased motivation can be a sign of the fact you need to re-evaluate your blogging career and set new realistic goals. Maybe your expectations for blogging were better than the harsh reality and now you even consider quitting blogging? Or you have already achieved all the goals set before (for example, 20.000 followers on Instagram and YouTube) and are stuck on this level unable to go further?

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Well, then it is time to re-evaluate your blogging and look for new goals. Perhaps if you used to be more focused on growing your subscribers, now you can focus on covering some socially relevant topics in more depth on your blog. Perhaps you’ve changed a lot as a person in the time you’ve been blogging and now you need to change the concept of blogging. If your burnout is caused by losing sight of your goals, you can feel frustrated. However, it is not bad: it is a chance to take a step back, organize your thoughts and feelings and regroup your mind. Maybe you have just discovered another passion and it’s time to add some new topics to your blog. In this case, your burnout may be even beneficial for your blogger career and you will get out of your crisis a better blogger and more harmonious personality than before.

Take a break and/or make a digital detox weekend

Sometimes it is just important to take a step back. Whether you want to take a weekend, week, one, five, or eight months off from blogging, it completely depends on your emotional state. The most important thing about it is not to force yourself to continue blogging if you still feel exhausted and drained: just get away from it and focus on other tasks. Even a short digital detox weekend without social media at all can recharge your batteries.

Use some techniques to organize your ideas

If you have too many ideas and are often just struggling with choosing one you can use several techniques including journaling. Journaling means writing down on paper (notebook or notebook) all the ideas that come into your head. This exercise will help you to get rid of all unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on what is most important. A mind map is also a great tool to organize all your thoughts.

At some point many bloggers experience burnout, so this emotional state is completely normal. By following these tips, you can deal with your blogger burnout and find the way out of your crisis. Just don’t be hard on yourself and be patient!

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