Sky Mobile Phone Deals
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The Sky isn’t just a broadband and satellite Television company; it also has mobile phone deals, complete with a couple of extras for its TV customers. If you are a Sky newbie, you get cool stuff included, like data rollover, early handset upgrades, and changeable plans with allowances you can switch whenever you want. If you want to know the Sky Mobile Phone Deals, you are in the right place now. I am here to share the details about it.

I hope you will read this article from the beginning to the end for a clear idea about Sky Mobile Phone Deals and their conditions.

Sky Group Limited Details:

Sky Group Limited is a British broadcaster and telecommunications company that provides television and broadband Internet services in the United Kingdom. It is the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK, with 12.7 million customers as of the end of 2019. Sky’s main product is Sky Q, and its flagship channels are Sky One and Sky Atlantic. The company sets Its corporate headquarters at the Sky Studios in Isleworth.

The company is formed as British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) in November 1990 through Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting. It grew into a serious media company by the end of the decade, notably owning all the TV broadcasting rights for the Premier League and almost all the domestic rights of Hollywood films. Following BSkyB’s acquisition of Sky Italia and a majority interest in Sky Deutschland in 2014, its British Sky Broadcasting Group plc changed its name to Sky plc (now Sky Group Limited). The company changed its name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Limited and continuing to trade as “Sky.”


What is Sky Mobile Phone Deals?

Sky Mobile is a new mobile phone network in the United Kingdom. It aims to save Sky TV customers money and offer a new type of flexibility. Sky Mobile lets customers roll over their unutilized data allowance for up to 3 years. Moreover, it enables a family of up to 5 persons to join and enjoy the FREE calls and texts feature. It can change Call plans each month, and customers can sync their favorite TV shows with their handsets via the Sky+ and Sky Q apps.

The mobile network may be a part of Sky, which offers broadband, TV, and landline packages. As a result, customers of one product can get benefits in another, like Sky TV customers who get special deals on Sky Mobile.

Mobile Network: Sky Mobile

Network coverage: 2G, 3G, and 4G continuing on the 02 network

Cost of Tariff: Unlimited free calls and texts to UK landlines and mobiles for Sky TV customers.

Pay As You Employ alternative: Calls = 10p per minute, Texts = 10p; it also provides a full tariff guide

Data plan cost: 2GB: £6, 6GB: £8, 10GB: £12, 25GB: £15, Offer: 50GB: £15, 60GB: £30

Get discounts on the data plans above once you also join Sky Mobile with one of the latest handsets.

The Sky Mobile phone deals

Sky Mobile deals are one of the most compelling smartphones offers thanks to its broad range of features which all come in a very clear and straightforward to understand package. Many options give plenty of flexibility and freedom, from efficiently upgrading your phone to saving up and even spending data.

No matter what phone you would like, be it the iPhone 12 or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S21, this will have a deal for you. Or you might want to go for SIM-only plans. Whatever your requirements, the cheapest deals are all here, with your perfect option.

Sky Mobile contracts and pays monthly

Sky Mobile’s pay monthly phone contracts work on a ‘Swap’ system, which allows you to upgrade your handset more efficiently and flexibly than many networks. It’s a bit complicated to urge your head around at first, but it ultimately gives you more control.

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For each phone, you’ll choose either Swap12, a 24-month contract that allows you to upgrade any time after 12 months or Swap24, a 30-month agreement that enables you to upgrade after 24 months.

Whichever kind of deal you select, you’ll get a few unique features on your plan, including:

  • Roll– Roll over your unutilized data. Any data allowance you do not use that month, Sky Mobile stores the remaining data in a virtual piggy bank for up to three years – longer than most networks will allow you to hang onto it – that you can dig into whenever you would like.
  • Mix– Alter the allowance and price of your plan at any point.
  • Extra bonuses – Sky TV customers get a couple of additional bonuses too, including unlimited calls and texts

As if giving us satellite Television with 300 channels was not enough, Sky has officially expanded its repertoire. Sky Mobile offers a unique approach to mobile deals and lots of extra money-saving for its telly customers. Here’s everything you need to know.

What can you get from Sky Mobile?

SIM-only plans

SIM-only deals are available from Sky Mobile on a decent range of data allowances – from 500MB per month for light users and 10GB for heavier months. All are 4G, so your internet will be excellent and speedy. All SIM plans deal for 12 months, but you can change your allowance up and down whenever you wish to. That is handy, especially as your unused data from monthly goes into the piggybank for later.

Calling minutes and text allowances work a touch differently on Sky. If you are a TV customer, you can get unlimited calls and texts included on your plan as standard; if not, you can either add them on for an extra £10 a month or call and text on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You can also chop and alter your plan whenever you wish, even mid-contract, with the network’s Mix feature.

Then there’s the most specific feature of all: you can roll over your unused data to the subsequent month. So nothing is wasted.

Here is how Sky Mobile Phone Deals works.

Let’s say you receive the 5GB per month plan, but you only use 4GB of that allowance in one month. The rest of 1GB will go into your ‘piggybank’ – which you can access via the Sky Mobile app or the online portal – and you can pick it up and use it at any point, in addition to your regular monthly allowance. It is stored there for three years, so there is no hurry.

That means if you get an essential month, there’s no necessary to shell out for an add-on: there are already some data stowed away for a rainy day.

Handset plans

Sky further offers contracts on handsets through a system it calls Sky Mobile Swap. It is a split contract like O2 Refresh – you can split up your monthly bill into the handset cost and your monthly tariff cost. The most attraction of Swap, though, is that you can trade in your phone and upgrade to a new one early.

The two available contracts are:

  • Swap12 – a 24-month contract, during which you can upgrade any time after 12 months
  • Swap24 – a 30-month contract, during which you can upgrade after 24 months

Here’s how Sky Mobile Phone Deals works.

Let’s say you receive a Swap12 deal on a new Samsung Galaxy S8. Altogether, the phone costs £768. For the initial year on this contract, you pay £41 monthly – so at the end of the year, you would have paid £492 overall and would still owe £276.

To pay that £276 off, you’ll either continue making payments for an additional year (at £23 per month), or you can trade in your phone back to Sky. Selling it in pays off the rest balance immediately, and you are liberal to get a new phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S9. Or, if you would like to upgrade but still keep your S8, you’ll pay off the remaining balance in cash.

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Sky TV customers

Got Sky TV? Taking out a Sky Mobile plan comes with a couple of fun extras for you.

You will get those unlimited calls and texts included for a start – which up to five phones can register for per household. That will save you up to £120 per year for every telephone right there.

You will further get Sky Go Extra free of charge, which usually costs £5 a month (£60 across an entire year). It’s the superpowered version of Sky Go. It allows you to download TV shows and watch them from anywhere. Register more devices, and see Sky shows on games consoles, the features that the regular Sky Go offers.

And then there is Sync – a feature that allows you to connect to your Sky TV box and access your recordings, make personal playlists to watch, and manage them remotely.

Sky Mobile coverage

Sky Mobile uses O2’s network, so coverage isn’t half bad. Over 99% of the population can call and text. 3G mobile internet reaches about 98% of us. 4G coverage is a little less comprehensive, with OpenSignal estimating that users can connect to it around 75% of the time – putting it second best in the country for 4G, behind EE.

Use Sky Mobile’s coverage checker before you commit to a plan. It’s essential to make sure that the network covers you in all the places you want to use your phone.

Other mobile networks

Find and compare SIM-only plans and contract deals from mobile networks in the UK.

  • O2– Customers get exclusive offers and vouchers for high street stores, restaurants, and events through O2 Priority.
  • Vodafone– Enjoy entertainment subscriptions to Spotify, Prime Video, and Sky Sports through Vodafone’s Red Entertainment packages.
  • Giffgaff– Great value-for-money 30-day rolling SIM deals
  • iD Mobile– Affordable and simple plans with data rollover on the Three networks.
  • EE– Six months of Apple Music for free and the best UK network coverage.

What’s good about Sky Mobile?

  • Can roll used data over to the following month and keep it for up to three years
  • Can alter your allowance around whenever you wish
  • Option to get calls and texts on PAYG – great if you don’t make calls or send many SMS texts
  • Can upgrade your phone early with Swap
  • Extra discounts and goodies for Sky TV customers
  • 4G data is standard

What’s terrible about Sky Mobile?

  • Not much choice of plans – just a few allowances to pick from
  • The maximum data you can get is 10GB per month on SIM-Only-Plans
  • It is not the cheapest – especially if you add on unlimited calls and texts (and have not got Sky TV)
  • Handset contracts are not that flexible and may lock you in for 30 months


FAQs on Sky Mobile Phone Deals:


  1. How long are Sky Mobile phone contracts?

Ans: Sky Mobile phone contracts come in a few simple options. The two basic contract plans are 24 months or 30 months. Moreover, there is a SIM-only 12-month option.

Whichever one you go for, it’ll be a monthly payment deal, and there is rollover data on all of those. All of them come with unlimited calls and texts.


  1. How much is Sky Mobile a month?

Ans: Tariffs. Sky Mobile offers a wide range of contract and SIM-only deals that can start at as little as £6 per month for a package of calls, texts, and data.


  1. How reliable is Sky Mobile?
    Ans: Sky Mobile network has 99% coverage for 2G service, 98% for 3G, and 97% for 4G. You should get good reception pretty much everywhere with Sky, but it’s worth double-checking your local area on the coverage checker found on the Sky website to be sure.


  1. Can I change my call plan?

Ans: Yes, you can change any aspect of your plan FREE each month. It comes into action the following billed period.


  1. How long is the contract for Sky Mobile?

Ans: Sky mobile call plans are subject to a 12-month contract unless otherwise stated.


Ending Speech for Sky Mobile Phone Deals

Thanks for reading from the beginning to the end of the article. So I hope you are now clear about the Sky Mobile Phone Deals. Therefore, choose your plan & start using Sky Mobile deals as per your need.

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