Plan B Side Effects

Plan B or the morning-after pill is an emergency birth control pill that women expect and do not want to have children. Moreover, you have to take this pill in the morning. However, Plan B side effects can also show after taking the drug in the morning. 

It is a contraceptive pill that you should take within 72 hours after having unprotected intercourse with your partner. The morning after pill will prevent your pregnancy’s chances; however, it is not a permanent solution. So, you should consult your doctor if you had unprotected intercourse and also after taking the pill. 

We came forth with this article to share light on when and how you should take the over the counter pill and Plan B side effects after taking the tablet. 

Why Take the Pill

These types of pills are generally for preventing unwanted pregnancy when you have unprotected intercourse. Moreover, a birth control pill gives you the flexibility to have unprotected sex; however, you could get sexually assaulted or forgot to have protection. In these cases, the Plan B over the counter pills come into play. It reduces the chance of getting pregnant, but it is not a permanent prevention method that you always look to take. 

The morning pills or plan B does not end your pregnancy’s implants; it only delays the processor prevents ovulation before it starts to make a baby. You have to understand that Mifeprex or RU – 486 (abortion pill) is not the same as the morning pill or plan B. Mifeprex drug kills or terminates the establishing pregnancy process where plan B prevents the ovulation from taking place: however, it depends on when you take the counter pills. Generally, you will have to take it within 48 hours or 72 hours after your unprotected sex. 


Ricks of Taking the Plan B Approach 

The plan B approach is an effective way to prevent yourself from getting pregnant. However, we do not recommend that you turn to this option every time you have unprotected intercourse. You should not use the morning pills on a routine basis as there are risks factors you have to consider if –

  • Suppose you are allergic to any of the components in the morning pills. It can cause some side effects instead of working in your body as it should.
  • If you are on medications, it could decrease the plan B or morning-after pills. Some medications are known to reduce the effectiveness of the pill as you take it after your intercourse. 
  • Do you have weight issues? Then the morning after, pills will not work as accurately as they should. Research shows that plan B pills are less to NO effective on women who are overweight. 
  • Another thing to remember is that the ulipristal will not or may not work if you are previously pregnant before using the birth control pills. The effects of the morning pills are unknown on developing babies. We also do not recommend it if you are breastfeeding, affecting your milk and your baby. 


Plan B Side Effects 

Plan B or morning-after pill or contraceptive pills have a large amount of levonorgestrel. It is a kind of synthetic hormone which mimics your sex hormone, progesterone. The sex hormone progesterone is what helps to prevent pregnancy and ovulation. 

Plan B drugs are known to contain 1.5 milligrams of this levonorgestrel. So, when you take the pill, it acts as a prevention method. It is the main reason you do not get pregnant when you have unprotected intercourse. Moreover, the amount of levonorgestrel you intake from plan B pills is three times more than other birth control pulls in the market. That is why it works quickly and effectively. However, plan B side effects are many, and if you take a frequent and regular dose of the pill. 

  • Nausea.
  • Fatigue.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • You will see changes in your menstrual cycle, such as irregular bleeding or missing a month or two. 

These are some you will instantly see and feel if you consume more doses; however, you can also see some less common side effects such as –

  • Breast tenderness. 
  • Vomiting.
  • Headaches. 

You can be sure that plan b side effects are very uncomfortable, so you mustn’t overdo the pills’ dose. The most at the length of the issue are pelvic pain and cycle changing. Moreover, if you continue to see an irregularity in your period for more than one month, then take a pregnancy test. 


How Long Does it Last

If you take more, you should, or if you have regular unprotected sex and take plan B pills, then the side effects are bound to show. The side effects can last a few days. However, it varies from women to women. Moreover, the symptoms will stay for a few days, and these what you will face –

  • Day 1 – At first, you might feel slight nausea and pelvic pain. Some vomit due to the amount of main they go through within one to two hours of taking the pill. When you vomit after taking the pill, you should again take it just if the pill came out with your vomit. 
  • Day 2 and Day 3 – The second and third, you will still feel the symptoms. 
  • Weeks later – When you take a plan B pill, cycle changes are very common, and you may not see the symptoms before your next cycle. It could be between days or weeks after you take plan B pills. 

The effects will last a few days or until your next menstrual cycle. You can even miss a cycle and if it happens more than once, then take a pregnancy test to be sure that you are not pregnant. 

How to Take a Plan B Pill

When you had your unprotected intercourse, you have 48 hours to 72 hours to take the morning-after pill to prevent ovulation. Some pills are simply swallowing it, but some come out when you take it with your vomit. So, here are some pointers on how to take the pills. Moreover, what to expects when you take the pill –

  • Follow the instruction on the morning after the pillbox; that is our first recommendation. If you take plan B one step, then take it within 72 hours. However, if you use Ella, you will have to take one Ella pill within 120 hours of your unprotected intercourse. 
  • You could vomit when you take the pill. So when you do vomit, take another pill. But if you vomit more than once, that is when you consult a health care provider whether you should take one more or not. 
  • We recommend not to have sex until you start another method of birth control. The morning-after pill is not a permanent lock for your ovulation. So if you have sex in days or weeks after you take the morning-after pill, then you are at risk of getting pregnant. 

You will also have to know that when you start using these types of pills, it will delay or disrupt your period. You can also miss one month but if it happens every month, then taking a pregnancy test is the best option before you take another dose of the pill. 

Usually, there is no need to consult your health care provider as the symptoms are usual and go away in a few days. But if you are bleeding for more than a week, five weeks of abdominal pain, then contact health care as soon as possible. These are the symptoms of miscarriage, or your fertilize eggs are outside the uterus implantation.


When You Can Take the Plan B Pill

Usually, you will have to take the plan B pills 48 to 72 hours after having sex. However, there are some other factors which you need to know in which situation and when you will have to make a plan B pill –

  • If you did not use any birth control after your intercourse.
  • Your diaphragm slipped out of place.
  • Suppose you missed two to three birth control pills. It has to be consecutive. 
  • When having intercourse, you forgot to insert your ring. 
  • If your partner failed to pull out in time and he ejaculated inside.
  • Unfortunately, you were forced to have unprotected sex. 

The plan B pills prevent the pregnancy but do not take it if you –

  • You know that you are not pregnant, and there is no sign to contradict that decision.
  • If you have a history of allergies.
  • When you have an abnormal vaginal bleeding history, stay away from a plan B or morning-after pill. 


How to Get Relieved from Plan B Side Effects

There is uncomfortable pain you will go through from plan B side effects. However, there is no medicine or treatment for this pain to go away quickly or any remedy to prevent it from happening. 

However, some doctors suggest anti-nausea medicines. It can help manage the symptoms slightly, but it is not a prevention medicine. So, you will face pain and other symptoms from taking plan B pills. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What happens to your body when you take Plan B? 

Plan B is a contraceptive pill. It will show some symptoms you will have to suffer through if you intend to take the pill. The most common symptom is nausea, which happens with most women when they take the pill. The drug can also cause headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness, fatigue, cycle change, and vomiting. 


  • How do you know if Plan B worked?

The indication that the plan B pills worked is that you will see in your next period. You will see that your next period came in due time or a week within that expected week. However, if you miss or see a delay in your periods of more than one week, then you are probably pregnant. 


  • Can Plan B have long term effects?

There are only short term effects that you will face if you make a plan B pill. However, no long term effects were reported yet. But if you take the pills without consulting a doctor or knowing that you are pregnant, the headaches can continue for several weeks.  


  • Why is the morning after pill bad for you?

The morning after pills contains a high amount of levonorgestrel, which is bad for you if you intake too much. Furthermore, we do not recommend that you take the pill if you are ongoing from birth control. Because it is not effective as IUD, pill, or ring, which prevent pregnancy, when you frequently use morning-after pills, you will face irregular periods and periods for a month or so. 


Conclusion for Plan B Side Effects

The morning after pills is useful within 48 hours to 72 hours of your unprotected intercourse. However, we do not recommend that you can have intercourse and get away with avoiding pregnancy by taking a plan B pill. The plan B side effects will show when you continue to take the pills without consulting your health care provider. 

That is why we tried our best and wrote this particular article to understand better what you are putting in your body, and the plan B side effects are not something you can play around with. 


By NMK Pro