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JIO TV apps download free

JIO TV apps download free

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JIO TV dramas and apps are spreading day by day. It is also getting fame and popularity due to various people’s support and interest in combining TV dramas and Android mobile applications.  Besides a wide range of dramas, Jiu TV also provides many channels of different public parts. As a result, many people watch these and gives popularity to JIO TV services popularity. This article will share knowledge about JIO TV apps download free and some other aspects of JIO TV.

To know detailed information about JIO TV app download and dramas, please scroll below.

Abstract about JIO TV work

JIO TV is an application that allows its customers to watch and enjoy their favourite TV programs and various unique channels. The users and customers of JIO TV can stop and play different TV programs at any time. JIO TV also gives the advantage of watching the last seven-day telecast show to its customers. JIO has to circulate and maintain only one network (the one for data), while other TV apps have to keep one network each for voice and other data. Instruments needed are much lower for JIO hence decreasing their cost of JIO TV.

History of JIO TV applications:

JIO stands for joint implementation opportunities. It is among the most popular and famous platforms for a wide range of services to its customers. Although Mr. makes, Amani is the founder of the JIO TV platform. It had founded on 15 February 2007. Its headquarters are present at Maker Chambers IV, 222 Airman Point, Mumbai, and Maharashtra, India. However, Sandeep das is the managing director of the platform of JIO.  In September 2019, JIO TV launched a new fibre for its customers. Now it is providing home board band, television, and telephone services.

JIO TV included channels

Moreover, the JIO TV platform suggests almost 550 channels from different categories. JIO TV application downloads reach more than 100 million in a short time. It also has 4.2 rating stars on the play store because more than 2 million customers use this. The most famous JIO TV apps download free and perfect channels list describes below.

JIO TV Channels list in Tamil (SD+HD) Channel 


 Channels List in English ( SD+HD) Channel


JIO TV Channels list in Hindi (SD+HD) Channel


Sun musicAl Jazeera newsSony roux HD
News 7 TamilTen 3 TVFOOD
MK newsSony Le PleaColours TV HD
Sahara TVSony 6 HDRighty TV
Angel TV HDTimes NowZee cinema HD
Sun lifeBBC world newsSONIC
Discovery kidsHot starCARE WORLD

Besides these channels, there is also an extensive range of media that people like the most.

How to use JIO TV apps free download on androids?

Customer needs to follow the following steps to download and use JIO apps on android:

Open the play store:

  • Firstly, open your mobile. After opening the mobile, users should need to clean all loaded apps. By this, he/she do not face issue regarding mobile storage and hanging. Now open the play store.

Search for JIO apps downloads free:

  • After opening the play store, you come to the play store’s main front page, where a wide range of applications for different services is available. Now, Type on the search bar which app you want for the JIO app service.

Choose the best app:   

  • After typing the application name, user, there comes a big list of various apps. Now choose one of them. Try to choose that app that fulfils your requirements at our maximum level.

Install the desired one:

  • After choosing the app, you need, click on that app. when the user clicks on the required JIO apps download, then he/she comes to a page. On that page, the user should see ratings, people reviews, and option install. Move to the button INSTALL.

Go to sing up:

  •  After installation, sign up for the application. For signup, the user needs to put all the necessary and needed information into the proper spacing. Make sure you do not write anything incorrect in the signup process.

Moves to sign in:

  • However, if you had already created your account, then sign in. for sign in, the user usually needs to put the previous information. Mostly, the password, email, or phone number had required for verification.

Enjoy the services:

  • After account creation, search the services you want from JIO apps and enjoy them. You feel free to use these JIO apps download without any drawback because there is no data hacking chance or something else.

How do you use JIO apps on a laptop or desktop?
If a person uses a laptop or PC for his/her regular use and wants to load JIO TV apps download free, then he/she implement on below describes steps:

Install the Blue-stack:

  • To start downloading, the person needs to install a blue stack on his/her PC. Blue stack is like the play-store. A person needs a play store on his/her mobile, while a person with a PC needs to install the blue-stack to enjoy the various services.

Blue-stack launching:

  • In the next step, a user needs to launch the Blue stack on the laptop. A user can launch the blue-stack by allowing them some steps or by merely clicking on set up. After set-up, you can enjoy the play store services on your desktop.

Moves to MY apps:

  • Once Blue Stacks had launched, click the My Apps button shown in the emulator. This button refers to all those apps; you have on your desktop. Sometimes, my apps refer to the desired apps, not the installed applications.

Search JIO apps download:

  • Search for the app of JIO TV. A user can similarly search for the apps by just clicking on the search bar and typing on the search bar about the services or applications. Just type the exact name of the application on the search bar.

List of applications:

  • You will see search results for the My JIO app download free. Users should be able to see a big list of different applications relevant to JIO apps download. Now choose any of the apps you want to continue.
  • .

Sign up or sign in:

  • After installation, sign up to create a new account. The process of sign up or sign in is the same as that of the mobile set-up. User signs up by adding his/her original complete information. Sign-in had done by putting the previous information.

Enjoy the JIO apps download:

  • After creating your account, search for the services you want from JIO TV apps, download free and then enjoy the service. The user should not only avail the services he/she wants. Also, get some other benefits and enjoyment from this installation.

Most basic products and services of JIO TV:

Now I will share some of the most basic and essential services that JIO TV provides to its customers. To know about the best features of JIO services, please have a look below:

Mobile broadband:

In September 2016, JIO TV organized its 4G broadband services all over entire India. The authority decided to release JIO mobile broadband after clearing some reports in 2015. After removing the words, the JIO TV platform staff is waiting for the JIO portable broad band’s government decision.

JIO fibre:

JIO began to test a new triple-play fibre to the home service in August 2018, known tentatively as Jio GigaFiber, including broadband internet with speed levels ranging from 100 to 1000 Mbit/s television and landline telephone services. The JIO TV platform also decides to deal up threaten services to JIO TV subscribers.

JIO Phones:

JIO TV platform also makes a system for JIO phone features.  The first model that comes to exist in August 2017 had described as an “affordable” LTE-compatible feature phone. It also supports a “TV cable” accessory for profit to an external display of JIO TV channels.

LYF smartphone:

JIO entered into an agreement in June 2015 with house full handset maker Intec to provide 4G handsets able of voice-over LYF. Three more handset models have been releasing so far, namely Water 2, Earth 1, and Flame 1. However, it is also planning further to spread the JIO TV platform with the best advantages.

JIO WIFI JIO TV apps download free

The firm has started providing free Wi-Fi hotspot services in cities throughout India, including many areas:

  • Surat
  • Ahmedabad in Gujarat
  • Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Select locations of Mumbai in Maharashtra
  • Kolkata in West Bengal
  • Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh
  • Missouri in Uttara hand
  • Collect rate’s Office in Meerut
  • MG Road in Vijayawada.

JIO apps name list:

Now I will share the lists of some JIO TV apps download free. To avail of this service, please look below:

JIO pages

The JIO pages provide an enhanced browsing experience through speedy engine migration, webpage rendering, faster page loads, efficient media crowding, and encrypted connection.

JIO chat

Chat is a rapid messaging application with voice and video calling capability. It offers rich communication characters for an increased experience

JIO health

If you want to use JIO TV apps, download free, then JIO health best fits you. This app has expanded its presence in the medical discussion app space

JIO cloud

This cloud storage app gives an easy path to storing, adding, streaming, and sharing data for business or with friends and family. As a result, JIO TV is getting fame.

JIO cinema

The JIO Cinema is a video-perfect and spreading service provided by JIO where you can watch movies, TV shows, presentations, and trailers…

JIO money

Money is a protected and secure path to make digital payments across physical and online channel services.

JIO News

News app organizes and gives magazines or Live TV services free to JIO TV subscribers. The service includes 150+ live news channels, 800+ magazines, and 250+ newspapers online.

JIO meet

Meet provides direct calls (1:1 calling) and hosting meetings with up to 100 different participants. JIO meet sessions can also support a waiting room like Zoom meetings.


The JIO TV app is now giving allowance to 626 Live TV channels free of cost to all JIO users, while the JIO TV is available on Google Play Store for downloading purposes.


JIO SAAVN is now free of cost to enjoy all your music, create playlists, manage your music library, get music suggestions, and so much more refreshments.

Final verdict for JIO TV apps download free

JIO TV apps download free is the best thing for the JIO TV customer and subscribers. If a person wants to get complete information about JIO apps, then he/she clear all his/her questions and confusion from the above-described content about JIO TV apps download free.

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