Why Is  Youtube  Not Working
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Have you ever had any trouble while watching a video on youtube? Well, I’m sure it happened once or twice or more than that. You were eagerly waiting to watch a video, but youtube was not working at that time. Then you tried your best to fix the situation. Then you questioned yourself, why is youtube not working?

 We all know, youtube is the topmost video streaming session application across the globe. The video streaming application is so excellent that it has a myriad of videos of every genre. So you can watch any video according to your wish. But sometimes, we all face a situation where your tube is barely working. But do you know what you should do? So first, you have to find out why is youtube not working correctly. Then you will proceed with the solutions. I hope from the article you will get to know more regarding this particular issue.

What Is Youtube Actually

We all know youtube is considered the second largest search engine next to google. Youtube is a free video-sharing website. Youtube very convenient to watch online videos. On the other hand, we can create and upload our videos to share with others. It was built in 2005. Youtube considered one of the most popular sites on the web.

Any people can watch any video from any corner of the world if they have a proper internet connection. This application is getting more popular day by day. The sole reason for this popularity is that the sheer number of videos we can find. If you do a survey, will on average, 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. So we can always find something new to watch. If you are bored to death, then you can watch any adorable cat or video.

Besides, if you want to learn any skill, well youtube is always there for you. You can find thousands of videos regarding a particular skill that you want to learn. Even youtube is the best teacher in the whole world, in my opinion.

You will find user-generated content. Not only videos of major TV networks and movie studios, but we will see general people make unique and creative videos. But all kinds of videos are not appropriate for everyone. Like if you have kids at your home, do turn on the safety mode. In this way, your children will be able to watch only those suitable videos for their age.

What Are The Functions Of YouTube

Youtube is primarily a video sharing service where we can watch, like, share, comment and upload any video. We can access youtube by using PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phone. The functions of youtube are too many to describe.

  • It’s free to use. Like you can upload and watch videos on youtube, and its completely free. In this way, you can figure out if something works for you or not. You don’t have to worry about any cost.
  • The most interesting fact is that you can earn money just by uploading your videos. Yes, you heard it right. You have to make quality contents, and the earning depends on your views. For this, you need to have a Google Adsense account. But there is the various source you can make money through your tube. Like affiliate links, sponsorships, Merch and Products, offer services etc.
  • It’s effortless to use. Like you don’t have to a computer expert to upload any video. Just go through the features of youtube. If you want to upload a video, there is an option upload. By pressing it and selecting your video, your video will be uploaded.
  • You can learn anything just by watching any video according to your interest.
  • You can even create backlinks. It means you can have your website link throughout various areas of your channel. In this way, your channel will get proper reach. People will be able to about your videos more.
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Why Is Youtube Not Working? Is It Down?

While watching a video once or twice, you found out that the loading icon keeps circling. The video may be entirely blank. Well, there are various reasons for it. So the common cause is there may be a potential problem with the site itself. So this is the first and foremost fact you should check. Because if it happens, it will not only impact you but also other users across the globe.

You can check if the site itself is having a problem or only your internet connection is down. You can use a down detector or outage report for this. When you are using a down detector, you will notice a graph. In the graph, you will see the number of users who had problems using youtube in the last 24 hours. Besides, you can press the option that says I have a problem with youtube. In this way, you can report this.

If you use outrage .report, you will see a map of the world. You will see a heat map that includes those areas that are having problems with the site.

Why Is Youtube Not Working? Is It Because Of Technical Issues

When you are youtube is not working, then there may be multiple reasons. One of the reasons can be technical issues. That happens more than you can imagine. When you face this situation, you may question yourself why is youtube not working? On the other hand, the specific buttons may not work during that time. The menu bar can behave strangely. Video control buttons may not work right. Or you can even see a white or black video when you press the play button. If you see something similar like that, then you should go to the youtube help page. You may even find out that other people are probably facing the same kind of issue. From the helping source, you can even get a solution for this. It may be an internal youtube technical glitch. If it’s a glitch, then you may need to wait.

Why Is Youtube Not Working? Is It Because Of The ADS

Another common issue can be the ads if you are wondering why is youtube not working. It may be because of the ads that begin before showing any video. To get rid of the problem, you can do certain things.

  • Open google.com, then make sure you are signed in to the same google account you use for youtube.
  • Then select the google profile icon at the upper right. After that, you will select manage your google account. Then from the left menu, you will choose the data and personalization menu.
  • Then scroll down to Ad personalization and select go to ad settings.
  • Make sure to enable ad personalization. So allowing it can fix the issue.

What If Its A Private video

If you are trying to watch a private video, you need invitations for that. It means someone will have to invite you to watch the video before you can play it. The person who created the private video has to know about this, like changing the video privacy settings. You need to have your youtube account. Make sure you also need to be signed into it. You also need a direct link to access the video that’s been shared with you.

Check Internet Connection

If you are thinking, why is youtube not working? That may happen because of the internet connection. At first, you should check the internet connection. In the settings, option check the wifi connection. If you see it disconnected, then you found the problem quickly. Just by connecting it to the wifi, you will able to play videos just like before. But even if you are connected, still you may not have internet access for various reasons. Maybe it can be a problem with a router.

What if you see this internet connection problem on your mobile phone. Follow these steps

  • You have to open the settings menu.
  • Then connect to the wifi connection or turn on your mobile data
  • After that, open the youtube app and see if it’s playing.
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Do You Update The Operating System In Time

If your youtube app is not working correctly, it may be because of your operating system. If it’s outdated, then the youtube app will not run correctly. That is what you can do –

  • For android, first, you open settings. Then look for system update( in the about phone section). If you see a new version there, install it.
  • For iOS ,click on the settings >general>software update.Just download and install an update if there” ‘s one available.

Update YouTube App

Why is youtube not working? It may be because you are using the old version of the youtube app. For this, the only solution is if you use the latest version of the youtube app.

  • For an Android user, go to the play store, then search the youtube app. If you see an option update, then click on it. You will get the latest version.
  • For iOS , go to the app store, search the youtube app and click on the update option.

Did You Clear You Tube Cache And Data

There’s another reason why your youtube may not work. It’s because of the large amount of cache and data that have built up. If you have been using the youtube app for a long time, then this can happen.

  • For android settings, go to the settings >app>youtube>storage. Then click the clear cache option. Just see if it fixes the problem.
  • For IOS, it will be best if you uninstall the app then reinstall it. Maybe in this way you can be able to clear the issues.

Do Sync Date And Time

Sometimes if you do not sync and time correctly, then this can create a problem. If it’s out of alignment with the youtube server, then this can disrupt the youtube from playing.

  • Go to the settings first on your android device. Then go to general management. After that, go to the date and time and slide to the automatic date and time.
  • Go to the settings on your iOS device. Then go to the general, date and time, and slide set automatically to on.

You Can Restart Your Device

If the solutions mentioned above don’t work, then you can restart your smartphone. Many problems have been solved just by continuing your device. In this way, the device will close those apps running in the background, among other things. Because it may cause the issues that you are having.

  • So press and hold the power button.
  • You will see a restart option there. Tap it.
  • When your device is turned on, check the youtube app if its playing.

Update Chrome If YouTube Is  Not Working

You should always use the up to date version of google chrome. Mostly its automatically updated, but still, you should check it.

  • First, click on the icon in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Then you have to select help and choose the about google chrome.
  • After that, click install and follow instructions if there is an update available.

You Must Check The Extensions

Extensions may cause a problem. That’s why at first, try playing a video in an incognito mood. Extensions don’t work in incognito mode. So if you want to disable the wings, you have to do this

  • First, you have to click the icon in the top right corner of the browser.
  • After that, click the option more tools and then Extensions.
  • Then disable extensions to see if it solves the problem.

Last Few Words

From the article, you got many ideas about why is youtube not working. If you found out the exact reason at the right time, you can fix the issue. The issues can be like fluctuating internet connection or the older version of the app. It can happen if you do not clear the caches of your application. On the hand, licensing issues can be a reason why is youtube not working.

So there can be various reasons behind this problem that you may not acknowledge properly.No matter what the problem is, you can find a solution. If you are an avid user, always check your pc and mobile settings occasionally. In this way, you will acknowledge the problem before it begins. Then it will be easier for you to solve any youtube related problem. The most outstanding fact is that you can learn about the solutions by watching videos on youtube.

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