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Find a Person by Name

Find a Person by Name With There Contact Info

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Have you ever thought about your friend from kindergarden, high school, or even college? We grow up, but the memories will always be there in our hearts. If you wish to find a person by name, you can try to get in touch with that long-lost friend from high school. 

Finding someone by their name is not that easy as many people can have the same name; moreover, if you do not remember exactly how they look like or saw in your childhood, it is quite a challenging task. However, it is not impossible, especially in the modern era where everything has a database. 

Some sites offer opportunities to find a person by name, but they require you to fill up some additional information. Whatever the case is, our article will help you find a person by name and which sites can help you with that process. 

How to Find People by Name

Finding someone is not a simple task as there are many variables in play, for example – his or her name, region, date of birth, and some other factors. These are important because there can be hundreds of people in the same but all the additional data, narrowing down to a small group of people you can contact to find the right person.  

However, here are some ways or methods that you can try to find people by their name and also some additional information. Find a Person by Name

Whitepages is a large platform with vast data of over 50 million people. It is a free site that you can use to find a person you know and get back in touch. You will have to use the person you want to see the full name, state, city, or zip code to get the fastest, closest and best results possible. However, you can search only with few options, such as knowing only the name of the person you want to find. 

When you search through the site, you will receive results like – names, middle initials, phone number, and street address. Moreover, you do not need to do any signups or any membership issues with whitepages. It is a fundamental and free site for anyone looking or searching for someone they know or want to get back together after a long time. 


Intelius is one of the most basic people finders on the internet. It requires no signup, or you do not even have to create an account to start the search. Moreover, you do not even have to provide any personal information such as your credit card number or phone number. 

You can search for a person just by their name or middle name. Moreover, you can also narrow down the search result by adding the person you are looking for city or state. The information of your search will come from public record searches. You also have to consider while doing a basic search with just the name because the location may yield current and previous cities of the person’s residence, where the person used work, and his or her relatives. 

However, you get additional information, but you will have to pay for those services. We recommend using the free search as it also very efficient for finding almost anyone who has a public database. 


Pipl is a free search tool and also a pretty unique one. It allows you to search by just the person’s name with no additional information to get better search results. Most sites we use to find people need some additional information such – state, city, zip code, phone number, and user name. However, you have the flexibility to search with just the name and nothing else for more advanced search results. 

It is also free to use the tool, and you also do not need any signups or creating an account to access the search tool. You require no email address, no identification, no nothing; hop on to the site search for your friends and family with whom you want to get back in touch. 

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The search results for just the username search will show Facebook, Linkedin, Flicker, Twitter, and other social media where the person with that name exists. Moreover, you will also get phone numbers, addresses, and street addresses as additional information about the people on the list for the search result. So, all the information you are getting is publicly available, and then you can locate the person you are looking for. Find a Person by Name

If you are looking for someone and want an easy-to-access database, then is a perfect site for you. It is a free information provider of people to the general public. You have the flexibility to do only a name search, or even you can do a reserve phone and address search in the searching option of the site.

Using the name option also allows you to input other data such as city and state to narrow the search in a small zone instead of searching the entire country. Moreover, the whole interface so easy to use that you do not need to search on youtube how to use the site. 

The free results will show name, landing phone number, address, and some additional information such as maiden name. One unique thing, the site provides a complete list of the previous address and a list of the person’s relatives. Moreover, you can also run background checks on the search results, and the site offers no memberships and payment procedure. 


BeenVerified is another fantastic website that you can use. You can either s3earch only by the name or use the name, middle name, address, city, email, and phone number to narrow it down to a few people as possible. Adding additional information to your search certainly helps to get the best outcome possible as you do not have to go through a list of 100 people to find one person. 

The basic search on the website free; however, you can get the 30 dollars membership for a month to get an in-depth background check on your search results. If you are using the free search option, you will get the person’s past and present city, state, phone number, and address. 

It is quite an amazing option if you ask us and you do not need a membership to get these. So, why not use the free search option instead of a membership addition. 

Us Search Find a Person by Name

You need to know that Us Search requires a fee to run a background search for the person you are looking for on the site. However, it also offers free search criteria for the general public. But you must input the last name and, for the most accurate results enter the city and state; moreover, you can also put in the phone number and the address that you know to narrow it down to that exact person you are searching for on the internet. 

When you enter the search criteria, the results you will see on your screen will include the person’s full name with their maiden name, city, state, and residence. However, to get the address, you will have to put the previous address you know to get that information. 

Another thing, if you wish to get the full address, you will have to pay an additional fee. When you pay for that membership, you will get the complete address and current and accurate phone number, and date of birth of that person. 

Find People Search

One thing that is unique about Find People Search is that you can narrow down the results by adding age, maiden name, date of birth, and social security number. However, you can also search with just the name but if you ask us, narrowing down the search results takes out the hassle of going through a huge list. 

You do not have to create an account with a different payment system monthly on the Find People Search site. However, there is an option of getting a personal subscription for 20 dollars for three months and a business subscription for 50 dollars for the next three months. 

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If you use the free searcher, you will find the person’s present and previous address, age, phone number, job description, and associated persons. However, here is where the subscription comes to play; if you wish any in-depth details about the person that you are searching for, only then when we recommend getting a subscription for three months. Other than that or any security issues, why waste money to get in touch with someone you know from way back. 

That’s Them

It is more of a newer site on our list as other sites are active for few years and more than few years. However, the That’s Them website offers advanced search opportunities, including a free search option. Let me tell you, if you use the site to find people by name, you will not have to face disappointment. 

The site uses general information such as name, age, phone number, location and shows results according to that. It searches the web for any relevant information based on your input and reports back to you. You get the name, landing phone number, and other things you usually get if you use a site like That’s Them. However, you also get general financial information, occupation, and education level. Moreover, you also get to know whether if the person has a pet in their home. 

Another thing is that the site also has an expanded search page with which you can find the person’s present full address without any cost or membership. 


AnyWho is a great people finder search engine as you will have to fill up additional information such as last name, city, and state. The site’s purpose is to narrow down the results as much as possible to provide the best satisfaction to the users.

You will have to input the person’s first and last name, city, and state and get results in phone number, complete address, occupation, age, previous address, and present address. Moreover, if you look at the mainframe, the site is pretty much straightforward. You input your information get the results instantly. 

It also requires no logins, signup, or membership. The site is entirely free with no additional fees or subscription to get a background check on the person. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a person for free?   

The best way to get in touch with your old friends or relatives is to use a people finder search engine website. Most websites offer a free searching option with which you can easily find someone. However, some sites require signups and membership fees for additional information about the person. But most sites do not require such things, and you will visit the site, search, get the information that you need, and get out. We have a list above that you check out that will help you find a person for free. 

How do I find someone’s address by their name? 

People finder websites offer addresses along with other information on your search results. However, there is a catch to it, as it will not provide the full landing address of the person. You will have to pay on most sites to get that data. You can get the person’s address by free search, but the full landing address will remain hidden until you pay. Moreover, some sites do offer complete addresses along with educational background and age. 

Conclusion on Find a Person by Name

We all will grow up and lose connection with a lot of people in our lives. However, that does not mean that you cannot connect with them after some time in your life. So, if you wish to find people by name whom you know and lost connection with them in the course of life, you are in the right place. 

Our article will help find that one friend or family member with whom you spent a lot of time now you are not in touch and want to get back together like old times. 

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