Track Phone Using IMEI Online

Track Phone Using IMEI online: How to Track By IMEI Step By Step

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Losing your phone is like losing a virtual device from your life. We use a phone for calling and regular usage such as checking on our social media, essential emails, logins, and even transfer money online. So, if you, unfortunately, lost your phone accidentally, you can track phone using IMEI online services. 

Every phone has a unique number with which you can track the phone at any place. However, it is hard to get a software or website that can accurately track the phone using the IMEI number. The tracker that the police or any government agencies use is more efficient. But you also can use the service and track your phone by yourself easily. 

Our article will guide you through the process to easily track phones using IMEI online services. 


IMEI is a unique global identification for your phone. It is just a fingerprint, and no two phones have the same IMEI number, just like your five fingers have different fingerprints. The number is available on the back of your phone’s box, or you can check it from your phone. Moreover, you can also find it under the battery. 

If you lose your phone, you can use the number and online tracker services to check your phone. The number will help track the device even if it is off or does not have any cell service or internet connection. 

Your IMEI number is the best way that you can use to track the device’s locations easily. That is why most phones have a location that enables the option to use it and see where the device is, or anyone is using it after losing it for some time. Moreover, you can ask your telecom operators to track the device instantly. 

How to Track Your Stolen or Lost Phone Using IMEI Number

You can track phones using IMEI online in few different methods. Moreover, you should always ensure that your phone’s IMEI number is noted down somewhere to get it quickly. Here are some approaches that you can try using the IMEI number of your device to track its location.

Through your telecom operator

Your telecom operator has the system to track your device instantly. They will locate the phone’s location on the fly when your device connects to the telecom network. You will only have to provide your IMEI number to them, and they will do the rest and notify you when they have the location. However, there is an issue, and the telecom operators will not take any action without valid permission. You have to get that permission from the police to get the operators to track your device.

Using the tracker application

A tracker application will help you to locate your lost phone. Just install the software on your phone and also install it on another device. Now, if, unfortunately, you lose your phone, you can use the other device to access the software. 

You will have to input your IMEI number in the application, and it will locate your device. However, the application has to be in the lost phone. One important thing, you will have to run the process as quickly as possible as the thieves can format your device, and everything will be lost, including the application. It will make it impossible to locate through the application. 

Stolen phones database

It is a general database that everyone can access. It will evaluate your information about your device, and if any such are found, it will notify you. However, it is a very lengthy process, as it may take a lot of time to locate the device. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will get your phone back to you in one piece. 

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IMEI tracker for Track Phone Using IMEI Online

The IMEI tracker from any good website can help you get your device back. Just go to your known or trusted website, which allows the IMEI tracking option, and use that site. You will have to put your IMEI number in the site’s code section and run the search. It will automatically search for that device and locate its location. 

Moreover, you can also track the phone from home. It also allows you to see where the device is and where it is going. The tracker will also give you a full detailed report about your device if you ever lose it or gets stolen. 

How to Use the IMEI Tracker Application

If you search for a phone finder app in google play, you will get many options such as IMEI tracker, antitheft app, find a lost phone, SeekDroid: find my phone, and so many other applications are available. However, the IMEI tracker is much more convenient as it only requires its IMEI number and the application. Some software requires a SIM connection or only activates after you send an SMS through the application and the thief opens the SMS.

However, here is how you use the IMEI tracker application to get your device back in your hands –

  • First, download the application on your device and install the software.
  • Then give the application all the permission that is required or asks for when it opens.
  • After that, the press continues, and you have to watch an ad. However, it is an excellent application for tracking your device, but it includes ads, and you cannot skip it and continue.
  • Now, you will see a black space saying “Enter IMEI,” where you will have to put the IMEI number of your lost device. 
  • Then tap on the track option, and you will see a small window appear on your screen.
  • The window will show a list of places. It is indicating the location of your phone, including the proximity. 

Moreover, you also get another option by using the application. You can now use the antitheft function to protect your device further. It will provide real-time protection. You will have to set up a PIN and then use it to send a corresponding code to make it give alarms. It will also send you an SMS about the real-time location of your lost or stolen device. 

How to Use IMEI Tracker From iStaunch 

iStaunch has IMEI tracker software for you to use and locate your device. Moreover, the application not only works for androids but also iPhone and OS devices. It is a very straightforward software to use. You only have to enter your 15-digit IMEI number and hit the trace button. It will then locate your device and send you all the information relating to the location, area, and nearby places.

It is fantastic to have a backup plan for your lost Android and OS devices. Moreover, you also are getting a two-in-one service with the IMEI tracker from iStaunch. So, it is quite a better option to have in your hand if you ask us. 

How to Get Your Device’s IMEI Number

To find your phone after losing it, you will have to use the IMEI number, but first, you need to get that IMEI number of your phone. You have a few options or methods that you can use to get the imei number and track the phone location using an application or an online website. However, whichever way you use, all are equally useful and easy to access.

First Method

We would like you to know the first process is using the phone’s dial to get the IMEI number. It is one of the easiest ways to do that. However, you can only do it before the device is lost, as the dial-up process only lets you access that phone’s IMEI number, not the one you just lost. 

That is why we recommend that you know your device’s IMEI number, whether it is lost or not, and memorize it or write it on paper. In the process, you will have to dial *#06# and hit the call button. Then yo8u will see a 15-digit number appear on your screen, and that is your phone’s IMEI number. 

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Second Method  of Track Phone Using IMEI Online

The second method is also an easy one as you will have to navigate through the device’s settings, and you got your unique IMEI number of that phone. 

  • First, open your phone and go to settings. 
  • There you will have to scroll down and find the about phone option and click that criteria.
  • Then tap the status option, and you will have your device’s IMEI number on your screen.

However, if you have an IOS device, then –

  • First, open up the setting and go to general.
  • Then, in the general option, you will find the about option for your phone.
  • Now, go to the about option, and you will have a row that says IMEI, and that is the number that we were searching for till now.

Third Method

No two IMEI number is the same, and the manufacturers state that number on the box and some devices under the battery. So, you can easily find the number on your phone’s box, but if you do not have the box, you can also try to access the back of the or under the battery.

However, nowadays, most phones do not allow you to access the battery, so the best if the above methods fail then check the manufacturing or devices containing box as it will have the number on the back of the box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my phone using an IMEI number?

You have few different options at your disposal. Firstly you can use an application to track the location of the device using the IMEI. Then you can also try an online tracker in which you will have to input the 15-digit IMEI number and hit the track button to get all the information, including the location and the closet areas next to that location. The third way is to contact your telecom operators as they have the equipment to track your device instantly. However, they will not track it unless they have permission from the authorities. 

  • Can Google track my IMEI number?

Google offers you an option that you can use to track your missing device. You can now use Google’s find my device criteria to locate your android device much faster than most other third-party applications. However, we recommend that you have those applications on your device and on a second device to locate one phone with the other as a backup plan. But using the Google approach is an efficient way to go, in our opinion. 

  • Can someone track me with my IMEI number?

IMEI number is your phone’s ID number, just like your passport number. Every digit is unique from the first to the last. So, if someone collects your IMEI and uses any third-party application or website, they can easily track your movement. That is why keep it safe and hidden from others, as you cannot tell someone’s motives just by looking. Moreover, government agencies and mobile operators have access to your IMEI number and track you. However, they do not do that unless there is any threat to national security. 

How can I block my mobile with an IMEI number online? 

If you somehow lost your phone and wished to block the device for further use until you found it, you can easily do it. First, let’s discuss the legal way, which is filing a police case. The police, along with the IMEI number, will direct the mobile operator to block the IMEI of that device so that no one can access the device. The second option is using an application in which you can put the 15-digit number and tap of antitheft option to block the phone from further usage.

Conclusion on Track Phone Using IMEI Online

No one wishes to lose their phone, especially in modern times where most works that we do is through our mobile devices. 

However, at your disposal, there is an option to track phone using IMEI online services or a third-party application or through police complaints and the mobile operators. Whichever is more straightforward to you, do it as someone who has your phone can easily access all your details like – bank account numbers, PINs, phone numbers, social media access, and more. 

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