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how to take an iq test

How to take an iq test: Find The Place Where You Can Get Info

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IQ test or intelligence quotient is a way to measure your intelligence and efficiency to cope with questions. Moreover, it is also a way to measure mental acuity and help maintain a baseline of your cognitive functions. That is why teachers and even doctors ask you to take the how to take an iq test that you can find online to test your intelligence and your mental health as a person. 

If you consider taking an IQ test at home online, then you have taken a great decision. Not only will it test your brain but also you will work harder to pass the test. Some sites now offer free IQ testing oppurtunities that enable any regular person to take the test easily. Moreover, you do not have to pay a dime to these sites to take the site. 

However, the issue is that the sites are authentic and if the test results from the site are aligable for institutions. That is why we researched and came up with some of the how to take an iq tests that you can take from the website online at home. 

About IQ Test

IQ Test

An IQ test is a process of measuring your intelligence and your brain’s cognitive functions. However, there can be an error as the score in some sites will count the ratio if you take the accessible route. So, it can vary according to your ratio between your actual score and your given age. 

However, it is a global measurement scale that projects your skills, preparation, educational knowledge, and intelligence. That is why most people tend to take the test to improve their skills and chances to make a higher score for a better outcome in life. 

Averagely you will see an IQ score of a person 100 to 105 or 110, which is good in terms of average; however, above 110 is a great score, and it projects your skills in the job community. Moreover, the higher the IQ score, the better chances you will get in life.

Types of IQ Tests

An IQ test is not focusing on one thing. Instead, many other categories also come into play. You are not just solving numerical questions but also having to prepare for logical reasoning, verbal relations, spatial reasoning, and other subjects. 

If you wish to classify the IQ testing system, then there are two types. The classic IQ test will test your numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, spatial intelligence, and verbal intelligence. The other one is the non-verbal IQ test which measures your abstract reasoning, inductive or non-inductive skills.

However, both types are essential as they equally your IQ score valid and reliable. Moreover, both tests will calculate your real IQ test and give you the results. 

Best IQ Tests That You Can Take Online

IQ Test

Testing your IQ level is one way to measure your intelligence. Moreover, it is a perfect way to determine your brain’s capability to function and how responsive it is to specific questions. You have a lot of options now when it comes to taking an online IQ test. We also gave a shortlist of some sites to check out in terms of taking the test from home and online.

Free-IQTest.net how to take an iq test

One thing about Free – IQTest.net is that the information about your age is crucial. Moreover, you will have to enter your birthdate even to enter the quiz. 

The reason is that the site calculates your mental age and your given age while entering the quiz. They calculate the ratio between the two and give you a result; for example – if your age is 15 and after the test, the estimated age was 20, then your IQ score will be (15/20) *100 = 75.

However, modern test systems do not usually use the ratio method. Still, it is an important thing to consider as you are calculating a person’s mental age and intelligence. 

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If you use the Free – IQTest.net to take a test, you will have to answer 20 questions in a single quiz. You will have to enter your birthdate on the site, and you are eligible for the test. 

See My Personality

It has been a long-time assumption that a person’s IQ should remain constant roughly his or her entire life or at least adulthood. However, it is not the case as a person’s IQ will go up or down depending on their age and how they keep learning. Moreover, those who do regular brain training exercises like – math equations, doing problems, and practising their theories tend to have a sharper mind in most of their life. 

That is where the See My Personality website comes into play. It is not only for taking an IQ test but also for your personality, based on your answers in the quiz. Moreover, it is perfect for identifying children‘s personality and their intelligence. 

Brain Matrix how to take an iq test

Brain Matrix is a 20 questions quiz that you can take online to test your mental function and intelligence. Moreover, the test takes approximately 15 minutes to get from top to bottom. One thing that is amazing about the Brain Matrix IQ testing Website that is you have a timer to answer every question. It is only beneficial for your brain, but you will have to think fast and come up with an answer which is great for your mental development. 

Moreover, a time limit adds to the test’s difficulty and puts your cognitive functions to the test. If you like challenges, then the Brain Matrix is one of the how to take an iq tests you can take. 

You do not need to input your age or any additional information to take the exam on the site. However, you do need your Email to signup and get the test results in your mail. 

Fun Education how to take an iq test

The free IQ test from Fun Education is quite interesting as they give you 43 questions to answer instead of a regular examination with 20 queries. However, there is no time limit to answer those questions. So, you can take a whole day if you feel like it. 

Fun Education’s questions cover almost everything from word analysis to spatial reasoning, letter-number sequence, quantitative skills, and verbal reasoning. You get multiple choices for every question, and you also have to type in some questions. There is no time limit, so have ample time to think and answer every question in the quiz. 

However, there is no option to return to the previous question after answering so you need to be precious and clear before you go to the next question. 

The results will show every section of the quiz. Moreover, it will show in gender, age, nationality, and education level graph to get a clear picture about your intelligence and cognitive functions.

Another thing, you do not need an account to take the test; however, you will have to create an account after taking the test to save the results and get regular updates from the site.


Memorado IQ quiz throws at you the combination of spatial and verbal questions. It allows you to get a good indication of your intelligence. Moreover, you also get a measure of your cognitive and intelligence when you get the results. 

You will 18 questions for the Memorado IQ test and two to four options for each question. After the test, they will show the results immidetiely and give you a short description of your score. Moreover, you can share your results if you wish on any social media. 

Memorado IQ test gives numerical logic questions, which for some easy but few questions are tricky. It is a perfect way to test your skills and measure your intelligence by solving tough questions logically.

IQ Exam how to take an iq test

IQ Exam will give 25 questions; however, there is a time limitation to all the questions. They give you 60 seconds to answer each question. Moreover, after 60 seconds, the page will change, and there is no way to get back to the previous paper.


However, in our opinion, it is a good method to test your quickness and your mind’s ability to adapt faster. The test does not allow any pencil, paper, or calculator to not throw any mathematical acuity at you in the exam. Most questions in IQ Exam sites are basic to test your intelligence and give you basic numerical calculation, which does not require you to use a calculator.

Although the test is not mega difficult, you get to test your brain more and make use of your thinking skills due to a time window. Moreover, the condition in the test puts your mind to perform at the top gear, and you get the measurement of your intelligence. 


It is more challenging for those who want a bit of difficulty in their exam. You will have to answer a total of 57 questions on the PsychTest IQ test site. Moreover, you will have to answer all these questions in under 30 minutes which is a pretty difficult task. 

You will multiple choice-type questions, and everything will be on spatial relations, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning. However, some math and language questions will test your numeric logical skills and vocabulary. 

Although, you will have to answer few things before starting the exam, for example – your gender, age, occupation, education level, and ethnicity. All of these are for signing up to the site and taking the test. However, there is a catch, and you will have to purchase the full report, which will include your score in each category of the topics. Otherwise, you will only see the IQ score on your screen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the most reliable IQ test?

IQ tests are very reliable, and they measure your intelligence and cognitive functions of your mind. However, there are some issues while taking a free test as many institutions do not recognize the certificate. So, if you wish to take part in the exam and want a reliable source, we recommend the HMI. Moreover, they have the most recognized and accurate IQ test results certification for any professional and research field.

  • Is a 120 IQ good? 

If you take your test from a reliable source, then 120 is a great score. An average score on the test is 90 to 100, which is a normal or average score. However, anything above that is more than average, and that what that they will say when they give the results. However, a score of 140 in the IQ tests indicates that you are a genius or nearly genius. That is how their scoring and measuring system works, and that is what you will get when you have your results in your hands. 

How could I increase my IQ?

Nothing is beyond achieving if you practice regularly. However, it would help if you focused on some activities that will increase your skills and your brain’s functionality for preparation for an IQ test.

  • You can try doing memory activities.
  • Do visuospatial reasoning activities.
  • Executive control activities.
  • Practice analytical skills.
  • You can try a musical instrument.
  • Try to learn a new language.
  • Do the frequent reading.
  • Continue your primary school or college education.
  • How can I boost my brain?

Boosting your brain or increasing the functionality of your mind is like maintaining good brain health through certain activities. Moreover, it will increase your mind thinking capability and help you with your health. Here are few things that you can try –

  • Do physical exercise.
  • Do mental stimulation.
  • Control or improve your regular diet.
  • Control your blood pressure level and try to keep it stable.
  • Try to reduce your sugar level intake in a day to keep your blood sugar level normal.
  • Stay away from tobacco.


Testing your IQ is a great idea for any person who is studying or done with their education. You get a measurement of your brain’s performance and get to know your knowledge level and how well you can cope with any situation. However, you do not need to pay for the tests as there are online sources that can help you take the exam. 

That is why we made a list of some of the how to take an IQ test site you can find online to measure your intelligence and mind’s capability. 

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