How to activate windows 10


If you are seeking ways to activate windows 10, you are at the right place. Windows is a straightforward operating system that everyone loves to use. However, most people don’t know how to activate windows 10. But don’t worry, as you are at the right place.

Windows is one of the most used computer operating systems all over the world. But a few months ago, windows-10 users started to face a problem. That is activating the windows. So, learning the method may save your time and can relieve you from stress also. Here we will provide you with the necessary information to help you activate your windows even if you are using a pirated one.


Activating Windows 10

Well, if you are using windows-10 that has given you the notification to activate. Then you have to follow few simple techniques. Those techniques will help you start the windows with the help of various methods and software.

  • Buy the serial key: First of all, if you want to activate your windows. You have to get a serial key. You can always buy a version from any store or visit the official website of Microsoft. There you will find a tab called activate the windows. If you enter that tab, you will find methods to buy serial keys. Those serial keys will let you activate the windows. However, these serial keys require money, and you can pay through credit cards and various other methods.
    • Now, save that serial key on your device. Copy the code and go to the Cortana search section.
    • Type activation settings and it will appear.
    • Now enter the activation settings.
    • You will see an option called update product key.
    • Enter the product key or license key or the serial key and press activate.
    • The windows will activate.
  • Digital account: If you already have a digital account at Microsoft, your work will be much easier. All you need to do is to sing in. If you already purchased the Windows version, then it will automatically do the activation process. But if you did not buy the license, then you may have had to buy it.
  • Using software: The best way to activate windows is to use an activator. Well, there will be no guaranty about the security of your information. However, most people temporarily use pirated windows. For that, applications or software like KMS or KM spico is the best choice.



Avoiding Windows Activation by updating version

If you want to avoid activating windows 10, you can easily follow the steps. However, you have come here to know how to activate windows 10, which is another tricky way to activate windows 10. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • First of all, if you have an activated windows 8, that works perfectly. Then you can easily update it to windows 10. All you have to do is find update settings from windows 8 and click on windows update.
  • Usually, all the windows 8 operating system got a new auto-update to windows 10. So, you can find it easily.
  • Make sure your window 8 is an active operating system, or else you might fail.
  • If you have the activation code of Windows 8, follow the steps we discussed before and activate your windows 8. The process is the same.
  • Now upon updating activated windows, you will receive an active windows 10.

The best part of this windows is that it is official and you don’t have to spend extra money. You can easily use the official windows 10 by updating. However, if you fail to activate the previous windows, then it will not work. You will not succeed.


KM Spico windows activator

KM Spico is a popular windows activator. It is a particular application that allows you to activate your windows. Usually, those windows that do not contain the serial number or do not have any activation source can use this application and activate it.

You wanted to know how to activate windows 10, and we think that KM Spico will be the best choice. You see, there are a lot of applications that will say it will activate your windows. But most of them are totally fake, and they sometimes contain a virus. These viruses may ruin your entire computer.

The best possible way to download this application is to visit the original website. But you don’t have to worry about it as we have already got a version of it here for you. All you need to do is click on the link and start the download.

KM Spico 11.3.0


Advantages of activating windows 10

If you use an activated windows 10 operating system, you will understand how nice it is to use it. All the functions will work properly, and you will see shallow errors. Especially while running a program, inactivated windows faces various troubleshoot. But here you will face no problems at all.

Various programs need an activated windows operating system to run. You can efficiently run them if you activate the windows. You can also keep all your data saved on your digital account. Here are a few advantages you will get of activating windows 10:

  • All programs will run smoothly,
  • You will not find glitches while using windows,
  • Windows 10 restore system will work properly,
  • You can use all the official programs that come with windows 10 pre-installed,
  • The graphics application and the sound card application will work smoothly,
  • You will get regular updates,
  • Unwanted notifications will stop.

These are not the only benefits of using an activated windows 10. You will get the difference between them when you start using the operating system. You can only activate it when you know how to activate windows 10.


Is it safe to use third-party software to activate windows?

There is a lot of third-party software available on the internet. However, we do not support all of them. Here we mainly talked about KM Spico. It is a unique software that has an excellent record of providing good service.

You can use this application without any doubt. It will not make your computer slow, or you will face no particular error. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to keep the firewall off while installing the KM Spico.

When you know how to activate windows 10 you will get a boost in your work. You will find things are becoming easier than before and you will be able to concentrate more. So, despite being using a third-party application, you will not face any issues. The chances of information leakage will vastly go down.


Is it worth buying a license code for Windows 10

If you purchase a license code for windows 10, you will get a significant amount of service that you will not get from anywhere. Some benefits come with activated windows 10. Those services will be available for you.

However, to purchase a license code for windows 10, you need to pay a certain amount of money. Microsoft Windows 10 is by no means cheap. If you buy the home version, it will cost you around 139$, and if you go for the pro workstation version, it will cost you up to 309$.

However, you are here to know how to activate windows 10. But it is necessary to know if it is worth buying. If you only wish to use the operating system for daily activities, there is no need to buy the full version. You can permanently activate the windows by using an application.


Bypassing windows activation process

Well, you cannot bypass the windows activation process. It is a mandatory process that Microsoft Corporation fixed for everyone. You cannot ignore it, and if you ignore it, you will face various problems with your operating system.

Those problems may include the items below:

  • Your computer can become laggy. It will not respond, as the operating system will become corrupt.
  • The functions will not work correctly.
  • The software on your computer may glitch and restart again and again
  • You can face error while working on any project.
  • Documents may fail to register and load.
  • The clock may not work correctly.

These are not the only things that will come to you. However, you can ignore these facts if you know how to activate windows 10.  But, there is no significant way to bypass the activation, whether you have to download a new version of the windows operating system or purchase a version of Windows 10.

You can also use the application we mentioned here to activate the windows. Those steps are legit, and there are lots of people all around us who are using this method.


Frequently asked questions

Microsoft Windows 10 is a fascinating operating software. We thought you might find some questions in your mind. That is why here we have gathered a few FAQs that may help you. You will find them all considering how to activate windows 10:

  1. Can I activate windows 10 free?

= Yes, you can activate windows 10 for free. All you have to do is follow the instruction we have provided you. Download the KM Spico and install it. Use this application to activate windows 10 freely.


  1. Will I face errors while using inactivated Windows 10?

= Yes, there is a big chance of getting software issues while working with an inactivated Windows 10. Operating systems nowadays heavily depend on the internet and its server. For that reason, you cannot use any standard software with ease. You will face glitches and errors.


  1. What is the best method of activating windows 10?

= The best way to activate windows 10 is to buy the windows version separately. It will allow you to use the operating system all by yourself. You will get an extra layer of security and safety with it. However, suppose you can’t afford to buy a windows 10 version for yourself. In that case, you can always use software to activate your windows.


  1. Is third-party activation software safe?

= Yes, they are safe. Especially software like KM spice, which are very popular and have been on the market for years. They have an excellent reputation for service. Nobody has yet complained about the software or any security issues. It seems everything works fine. You will have no pressure working with it.


  1. Is there any other way to bypass windows activation?

= No, there are no different ways to avoid the windows activation process. Microsoft Corporation has taken the initiative only to run the activated windows 10. That is why we recommend you to at least activate the windows to get a better experience.




You came here to get an idea of how to activate windows 10. That is why we have mentioned the best possible ways to activate the windows 10 operating system. There are specific ways and steps which you have to follow to complete the process.

There are many ways to activate the windows 10. But here, you will see the authentic ways and also a tricky way. You can trust KM Spico as people use it every day. You will also get an idea about the benefits and the disadvantages of activating the windows and keeping them inactivated. We hope you will complete your desired work with the steps we have mentioned.



By NMK Pro