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use laptop as monitor

Use Your Laptop As Monitor 

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Having a single display is sometimes not enough for multitasking. Especially if you are a programmer or a gamer who streams regularly on the internet. This process requires some additional displays to keep a check on your stats. That is why you might use your laptop as a monitor for that.

However, you can also use this method if you are not a programmer or a gamer; instead, you have a laptop lying around and have trouble with your desktop’s monitor. So, you decided to use the computer as a monitor to save some money in the time being.

So, we decided to make this process a little bit easier for you to understand and write a short manual and method and everything you might encounter trying to connect your laptop to a desktop to use a monitor.

Tips for Maximum Results 

A dual monitor maybe fantastic to look at, but it may not be ideal for everyone to use; moreover, it is also not perfect for every situation, and some may find it confusing to operate.

 If we think about gamers, they find this setup very useful. They get for viewing walkthrough and also for real-time chat with viewers watching their streams online; however, you need to keep that in mind that is the second screen is not perfect for heavy graphics, and you should only project gaming graphics from the desktop that you are using for not suffering through lags throughout your gameplay.

Two Quick Steps to Connect Your Laptop to Your Desktop

If you have an updated version of windows and both your laptop and pc is turned on, then follow these quick two steps to connect your laptop to your desktop to use it as a second monitor for your desktop –

The first step – Enabling laptop 

  • Go to setting on your laptop which can be accessed by clicking right click and selecting display settings
  • Then select system and choose the option called projecting to this pc 
  • When there, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose the security and other options as you see fit. Those are –
  • When you say ok, windows pcs and other devices connected can project through this device
  • You can select when you want to project, for example – only this time or every time the two devices are connected and whether it needs to prompted or not
  • It can create a PIN for more security so that someone else cannot link to it or get access to it
  • You can also select an option called this pc can be discovered for projection only when it is plugged in to save your laptop’s battery.


Second step – Connecting the main desktop to your laptop 

After the first step is done, proceed to this step, connecting both the devices for starting to work. When the laptop is all set and done, then go to your desktop and –

  • In your home screen on desktop screen, press Windows key + P. This will pop up an option on the right side of your screen
  • There you can select any option of how you want your screen to be displayed
  • You can also choose the extend option; this gives you more additional screen space on the second monitor or the monitor you want to connect to
  • After that, you should see the laptop name that you previously saved on the laptop as an option for connecting
  • Then press approve, and you can start using your laptop screen as a monitor and can disconnect when you want it. 
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Using Miracast for Connecting 

Miracast is an option that you can use to project your desktop’s screen to another device that is connected through this feature. This miracast can be found on your windows. You need to first set this up on your laptop than on your desktop.

Setting up Miracast on laptop –

  • Go to the start option on the bottom left of your laptop screen and select setting which looks like a gear icon
  • When in location, you have to look for the System icon and select it 
  • Then you will see an option on the left called projecting to this pc and fix it; however, make sure that you have the drop-down menu and set it up to available. 
  • After that, configure the connectivity options according to your needs, and you are done setting up your laptop.


Setting up Miracast on desktop –

  • First, go to the bottom right of your desktop where you will see a notification or action center option, select that
  • When the menu slides out, like connect on the menu 
  • Then you will see your laptop’s name and an opportunity to connect to it; choose that
  • After that, you will have to go back to your laptop to confirm that action that you just performed
  • Then come back to your desktop and right-click. There you will see the display setting 
  • When in the display setting menu, you will see multiple display settings and make sure that it is in extend the desktop to this display mode.
  • Finally, drag and drop the display icons to make sure that the desktop and the laptop’s display is performing as you want it and all setting is in order. 

Issues while Using Miracast 

The software is not for everyone to use. This is a very complex and challenging to use the feature if you are looking for a quick and easy connection to your laptop. 

I find it difficult to operate as you have to follow many steps both on your laptop and on your desktop to connect both and use it as a monitor; moreover, it also requires intel HD graphics, and if you have a dedicated graphics card in your pc then you cannot work with it.

Another thing is that you need a wireless connection to connect to your laptop. Without a wireless connection, it is not possible. Ethernet connection does not work on Miracast software.

Using Space Desk for Connecting

Miracast is not user friendly and has many restrictions for using it. A better option for you to connect your laptop to your desktop as a second monitor is a software called space desk.

This is a straightforward and quick solution for you. There is no need to manually follow each step to connect using space. You have to download the software on your desktop and download space desk viewer software on your laptop. 

After that, open the software on both the device, then on the secondary device, open the viewer software, and on the top left, you will see the file option. When in that option, click on connect, and it will automatically scan and find your primary device, which is your desktop, and then it will connect.

Remote Connection 

This is not precisely as using your laptop as a monitor, but it will give you full access to your desktop, and you can operate from your laptop. You can access everything on your desktop from your laptop. 

You can control every action on your pc from your laptop; it’s like using your laptop’s screen and using your pc. A software called Teamviewer, with which you can use your laptop’s screen to operate your desktop.

Simply install TeamViewer on both the devices. Now, open on both devices and the desktop in the software, you will see your id. Then copy that and type it in the TeamViewer on the laptop, then press connect. After that, go back to your desktop and approve the action. That’s all.

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Software for connecting Monitors

  • DisplayFusion – This a free software and perfect for gamers who want to connect dual screens on one desktop.
  • MultiMonitorTool – This is an ideal example of being user friendly. Every option comes with short notes and guidelines.
  • Miracast – Not so user friendly, and you cannot use it without a wireless connection but has a reliable connection when connected.
  • Space Desk – It is meant for those who do not want too many issues while connecting their laptop to their desktop as a monitor. Simply install it on both devices, then connect.
  • Teamviewer – This is not precisely as using a laptop as a monitor, but you can use it to access to your desktop’s screen and operate your desktop from your laptop like you are using the desktop.

Frequently asked questions of Use Your Laptop as Monitor :

1Can I use my laptop as a monitor?

Yes, you can use your laptop as a monitor for your desktop screen. Few people know they can use the laptop as a second monitor. Usually, people buy a laptop to use as a primary device but not to use as a secondary monitor as it serves the purpose very well. There are many cases where the laptop breaks down, but the monitor remains untouched. Those are the best candidates for using it as a secondary monitor or primary monitor.

 How do I use my laptop as a monitor?

First, you have to find a laptop and start it. Then you have to go to your desktop and press windows key + p. Then select how much display you want to work for the screen. You can choose extend to use your laptop for a secondary monitor. It will give you additional space to be productive and work efficiently. Many current or local laptop users do not use this method to work, but a laptop can work as a fine monitor or secondary monitor.

 Is using a laptop as a monitor a bad thing?

It is not very practical work to use the laptop as a monitor because it might affect the working ability of your laptop. It might harm the laptop’s fundamental parts, and it might start glitching and breakdown in the long run. Especially the hard drive of the laptop might get bad very fast. An important tip is “ do not use the laptop after removing the battery for better cooling, because it might render the battery. There are other effects also. 

 How to use the laptop as a monitor for HDMI?

You can easily use your laptop as a monitor for HDMI. First, turn on the laptop and select an appropriate button for the laptop. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of your laptop. If you are using an adapter, connect the adapter to the laptop and connect the HDMI cable to the adapter. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the port of which computer you want to use as main. 

 How do I use the laptop as a monitor for windows 10?

First, you have to open settings on the laptop, which will be the second screen, and then you have to click the system. Then you will see many options from there you have to choose the projecting screen to this pc. Choose your suitable settings, and then keep it that way. Now go to the other pc or laptop and press control + p, and connect to the wireless display. This way, you can use the laptop as a monitor on windows 10.

Conclusion of Use Your Laptop as Monitor 

Connecting your laptop to your desktop and using the laptop as the monitor is kind of fancy and perfect for multitasking. But as you read some options to do is simple, and very and also these software’s are user friendly, on the other hand, some are difficult and not so easy to operate.



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