A Beginner’s Guide to Cardano

A Beginner’s Guide to Cardano

Cardano and it’s native cryptocurrency had taken a lot of attentions recently. This project is called as the third generation of blockchain. If you are looking for a cheaper and faster cryptocurrency network, you need to know about Cardano.

There are various networks avaible in the market right now that you can check at primebit-profit.com/ph/login. However, this project has become one of the strongest one in past years.

Many beginners prefer Cardano cause it’s very cheap compared to ohter networks. In the following, we will cover what is Cardano and why should start investing in this blockchain network. Let’s find out:

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a new open-source blockchain network that was created to run financial applications. The project was created in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum. The team’s main goal was creating a fast, secure, and cheap transaction network.

As we mentioned above, Cardano is well-known as the third generation of blockchain. Moreover, the developer teams also claim that this network has some advanced features. On the other hand, the team is working hard to upgrade these features.

The main aim of creating this network is balancing between servicing needs and regulator. The good thing is when other networks are handled by individuals, Cardano is supported by scientists, academic leaders, and researchers. This blockchain’s cryptocurrency is known as ADA coin.

Why Invest in Cardano?

Now, you know what is Cardano and the goal of this network. If you are being hesitant about investing in this blockchain, we are here to help you out. In the following list, we are giving some best reasons for investing.

  • Layered Blockchain

You will find most blockchain networks at superferry.com.ph/bitcoin-loophole-opinie-2021-oszustwo-czy-nie that are single-layered. However, it’s not the same with Cardano as it is known as the third generation blockchain. This network has two different blockchains, so it ensures that the network upgrades with soft forks without any disturbance.

  • Easily Adaptable

As we mentioned above, this blockchain is much easier to use compared to others projects. Cardano also provides simple and cheap transactions. Because it’s a fast network, many people can make transactions at a time. Moreover, it can process a thousand transactions per second. Your transaction can be processed within 5-10 minutes.

  • Decentralized Network

Just like other top cryptocurrency networks, Cardano is also decentralized. That means there’s no single authority that can control the network and work on transaction protection. So, no third party such as the government or central bank can control Cardano. This makes the transaction easier and cheaper as there are no high fees for third parties.

  • Affordable

One of the best things about this blockchain is it’s very affordable to invest in. If you are hesitating to invest a big amount in popular blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, you can choose Cardano. In fact, many new traders choose this project over others. Plus, this blockchain is a lot faster than other projects.

Best Tips Before Investing in Cardano

If you are ready to invest in Cardano, you need to consider some factors first. Before you start, you should read the following tips.

  • Keep Your Initial Investment Small

The good thing about Cardano is it allows people to invest a small amount. If you are a new investor, you have to be more careful. Beginners always tend to invest everything in a certain network.

Even this project is performing well right now, we don’t know what’s happening in the future. Blockchain projects are changing every day, so it’s better to keep your initial investment small.

  • Understand The Cryptocurrency Wallet

Before you start investing, make sure you understand the cryptocurrency wallet well. Unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, this project has its own wallet called Daedalus. Besides using the native wallet, users run a blockchain node.

This network runs a PoS protocol and the token holders can earn incentives for using the wallet. If you don’t want to use the native wallet, you can choose another one.

  • Stay Informed

A common mistake by many crypto investors is they are not well informed about that world. Well, the crypto world is changing and there is various information everyone needs to find out. Make sure you are checking daily crypto news after investing, especially when you are a beginner.

  • Be Patient

No matter if you are investing in the stock market or on cryptocurrency, you should be patient. Many beginners tend to be impatient when it comes to crypto investment. Investing is not easy money and you are not getting rich overnight. So, if you are committing to long-term investment, you need to keep your patience.


Finally, you know how good Cardano could be as your first investment. Even you are a pro investor and want to try new projects, make sure you are checking this one. Cardano is a promising network and we can assure you that it’ll have a good future becoming one of the best cryptocurrencies.


Q: Is ADA a good investment?

Yes, many experts believe that Cardano is one of the best blockchain networks for investment.

Q: Why should I invest in Cardano?

Cardano was designed for making cheap and fast transactions. Developers are building products that are cheap to use compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Q: Should I buy Cardano or Ethereum?

It depends on how you are going to invest. If you are a beginner and want a small investment, then choose Cardano. Ethereum is popular but it has high transaction rates.

Q: Does Cardano have a future?

In 2020, this coin’s value was up to 4200%. Many experts are saying that this cryptocurrency will reach $10 by the end of 2021.

Q: Is Cardano a good long-term investment?

Yes, Cardano is a good long-term investment as long-term holders had gotten good returns in the fast half of 2021.

Q: Can Cardano do smart contracts?

Cardano will introduce smart contracts when the project enters the third era. Now, this blockchain network is in its second era.