Top 3 Movies With Unpredictable Stories

Every moviegoer knows that there is nothing more beautiful than a dashingly twisted plot. A plot that keeps you in suspense from the first to the last minute. A plot that makes you break your head and sometimes get nervous. A story that won’t get boring and leave no chance for those who like to predict scenarios, including those who predict results of sports events via 22Bet India. Detectives, thrillers, and sci-fi are the three pillars on which these movies are based.

Shutter Island

The fourth movie by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, this time in the genre of a mystical thriller with elements of psychological drama, will not leave anyone indifferent. America in the mid-50s. A special hospital for extremely violent criminals is located on an island far from the rest of the world. Strange events occur in the hospital: one of the patients disappears under mysterious circumstances. The island is well guarded, around the endless ocean, and the boats come only at a certain time and place. Escape is completely ruled out. In search of a clue, two bailiffs from the mainland arrive on the island: Teddy Daniels, suffering from inexplicable headaches after the tragic death of his wife, and his partner Chuck Owl. Even at first glance, it becomes clear to them that something wrong is going on on the island. The guards are constantly on guard, keeping their finger on the trigger, and later it turns out that the clinic’s management is hiding a terrible secret.

The Perfect Patient 

Swedish journalist Hannes Rostam conducts an independent investigation to prove the innocence of violent maniac Thomas Quick, sentenced to life imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital. Quick is accused of dozens of murders based solely on his confession, and with this exception there is not a single piece of evidence or witness in the case, leading the journalist to question the legal validity of Quick’s case.

The movie tells the tangled story of the biggest judicial scandal in Swedish history and the struggle of one single journalist against the entire justice system. Hannes Rostam is convinced that blatant judicial irregularities were committed in the case of convicted Thomas Quick. Quick was convicted of eight murders on dubious grounds, confessing to more than 30 murders in all, but the investigation had not a single shred of evidence to prove his guilt beyond his own words.

Investigating the case himself, Rostam gradually reveals the dark secrets of the past, but no one but him wants to believe in Quick’s innocence and let the maniac go free. Despite resistance and lack of understanding from the public, the convinced journalist is ready to fight for the truth to the last.


Adrian and Jack met by chance when their eyes crossed in a noisy restaurant. Then their paths crossed again, but in a more intimate setting, in Adrienne’s workshop. They instantly found a lot in common, which gave the budding relationship a powerful boost. Six years later the couple had a beautiful baby girl. Adrian still can’t believe his happiness, because many girls can only dream of such a life. But one day in the museum where Jack works, during a magnificent reception Adrian finds one of the employees dead. From that very day in the life of the heroine begins a chain of terrible and shocking events. Some time later, Jack, too, dies in a car crash. Trying to get a death certificate, Adrian learns that the man named Jack Sanders died 16 years ago. Soon the already stunned woman discovers new details about the life of her deceased husband. Wanting to know the truth, the deceived heroine is involved in a cycle of dangerous and wonderful adventures.