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Red yeast rice side effects

Red yeast rice side effects

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Red yeast rice is a kind of product, which is basically rice but a kind of mould. Most people in our country use red yeast rice as their medicine. Most people use yeast rice that has low cholesterol. It helps them to keep their cholesterol level in balance. In this article, you will know Red yeast rice side effects?

The ingredient that has been available in the yeast rice you can also found in the prescribed medicine all the time. They are known as statins. Most of the time, statins use as high in cholesterol. It is the reason that this rice’s all the adverse effects that are harmful to human health. It can be affected by our body as a severe drug. That is the reason statins use as a precaution of that drug.

If any day you have a plan to eat yeast rice, you should remember the side effect. The best option will be if you take advice from your doctor before taking yeast rice.

The origin of the yeast rice is known as the name Holstein. It is made by Pharmanex. It is one of the most studied yeast rice products. Mainly it contains the same drug as statins. So that is the reason the U.S.A. and F.D.A. have disapproved of the cholesterol drug. In food yeast, rice is mostly used. It is because the rice has the ingredient of colouring flavour.

How red yeast rice works.

It needs some exceptional growing environment for its growth. The supplements are really needed to create some specific type of mould. It requires a particular atmosphere that needs active ingredients has created. These are the same as the statins.

Effects by red yeast rice

Research shows that if you eat yeast red rice for 6 months, it can effectively lower your cholesterol level. But this product contains the same chemical, which is known as a statin. Statin s is approving d by some country. But in some countries like the U.S.A. and F.D.A. do not support red yeast rice because the rice contains statins. But outside the use, the red yeast rice is available with little or no statins. Because they believe that red yeast rice reduces cholesterol levels in people with high cholesterol.

Possibly useful for blood diseases people

Having red yeast rice can significantly reduce cholesterol. This also reduces the chances of having H.I.V. Having red yeast rice daily at least 1.2 gram for at least 4.5 years reduces the chance s of having a heart attack and death in people with a history of a heart attack.

Possibly ineffective of high blood pressure cause of red yeast rice

By taking red yeast rice, the prescribed medicine so that the patient takes can reduce the problem. The treatment can only do a little, but the rice itself minimizes the chance of blood pressure.


Diabetes and liver issue

Some study shows that 1.2 gram of rice every day for at least 4 years can reduce cancer. The research shows that about 22 to 56% of cancer deaths reduce from it. But it is not sure that the red yeast rice is the reason behind it.

In the case of diabetes, it’s totally different. Some study shows that if a human takes 600 mg of rice every day. I can reduce having the chances of low pressure, debates, and mostly cholesterol. You can try it at least for 12 weeks.

For liver problems, it is quite common like the other one. If you try 600 mg of red yeast rice every day, it will reduce your liver problem. It will also reduce blood fats. It also helps in particular liver disease not caused because of alcohol use. Red yeast rice side effects may cause such problems.

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People who go before the surgery after having red yeast rice have a low chance of death. It also has a lower chance of reducing stroke, bleeding, pneumonia, and other complicated surgery.

Side effects and safety of red yeast rice

It is safe for most people who continuously eat it at least for 4.5 years. It contains the same ingredient as statins. So the red yeast rice can cause blood problems, muscle pain.

There are some also concern about quality. Much red yeast rice also contains a stain type of chemicals. Some of the products may contain a high amount of statin, and some of them have none. This thing in red yeast rice may have serious side effects.

Red yeast is a kind of product that should have contained citrinin, but it does not have. Citrin is kind of a poison that can cause human kidney damage.

Special warnings in red yeast rice

During pregnancy on should not use red yeast rice. It is totally unsafe in case your wife is pregnant. The chemicals in red yeast rice can cause birth defects in animals. It is not safe for the baby.

For life, it is awful. It contains so many harmful chemicals red yeast rice contains chemicals like Lovastatin. Some study shows that red yeast rice can cause effects like Lovastatin. If red yeast does not include chemicals like a statin. If the chemical does not contain red yeast, rice can be help full for the liver. The mixed review that red yeast rice has received for it, people may use it cautiously.

Alcohol may affect red yeast rice.

Alcohol is not suitable for health. It can harm your liver. Red yeast rice can also be harmful to you other parts of the body. So alcohol drinkers, if they take red yeast rice, it can cause severe damage. So it would be better if you take alcohol do not take red yeast rice.

Muscles can affect by red yeast rice.

Lopid can affect your muscle. Taking rice with you can influence your power. So that you can feel weak. you cannot do regular work. So do not overeat test red rice.

Meditation and red yeast rice

Red yeast rice contains the drug. It can cause various big liver problems. . Also increase the risk of damage to the human brain. It should remember that if you are taking another medicine for the liver, do not eat red yeast rice. This rice can cause harm to our stomach as well.

Not all meditation is good for health. As well as for the liver, not all meditation is good. Target on Diflucan, Zocor, Mevacor is the meditation you should not do if you want to harm your liver.

Medication that decreases it

Some medications can decrease how quickly the liver breaks because of the red yeast rice. It shows that meditation or medicine can affect the human body very badly. Before taking red yeast rice, you should do your body checkup. In that, you can see if you have any damages left in your body.

Red yeast rice and cholesterol

Red yeast meet can cause affect your make your cholesterol level low. But it is a situation which is a vice versa. Cause for some people it can be useful for health but for some, it may not. Rice has never been a good thing for the human body, but people still have it. So we should realize that we should have it as little as we can.

Red yeast rice and mouth

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1200 mg to 4500 mg of rice can be beneficial for your health. If you have that at least twice a day for at least 4.5 years. Many other drugs like statin provide 5-10 mg of statin drug. So that is the reason rice that is containing statins is illegal in the USA.

What is red yeast rice extract?

Red yeast rice that separates out from rice is called monarchs. It has been used in most Chinese and Asian country mostly. And known as their rational medicine. It also has a preservative.

Red yeast rice contains that may have helped them to control the cholesterol level. It may also cause some healthy fats, which might good. But the age factor is also essential .not all aged groups of people are capable of it. Teenagers and youngsters I guess they should eat more. Old people should stay away from red yeast rice.


Is red yeast rice is a drug?

The main issue is it can be both. The low you eat red yeast rice, it can low your cholesterol. The higher you eat; it can somehow increase your cholesterol level. It actually depends because if you already have diseases, do not take red yeast rice. But if you are thin and feel lazy, you should eat it. In that case, it can sell as a supplement.

In the u.s.a it has been used as prescribed medicine and only sells in the licensed store. The F.D.A. cited it as a risk because it can cause side effects and said that it can take your life.

Heart health promotion

Heart disease like stroke is severe to every human body. It proves that only 31.5% of deaths worldwide are only because of high cholesterol.

I the case of heart diseases, the risk factor could be narrowing down the arteries. Red yeast rice is basically for the lower cholesterol level in our body. It also has fewer side effects than the prescribed medicine ones.

What Are the Side Effects of that rice? 


The Lovastatin found in some red yeast rice items may cause different results, including high muscle pain, muscle harm, and kidney and liver harm. There is highly some worry that lovastatin red yeast rice may cause comparative effects.

When inappropriately aged, red yeast rice may contain citrine (a toxic substance that may prompt kidney damage).

So, red yeast rice may cause mixed results like migraines and pain in the stomach.

Alternative to Red Yeast Rice 

Red yeast rice can be known as one of the cures promoted as an effective way to deal with holding cholesterol under wraps. For example, some examination proposes that spices like garlic may help control cholesterol levels also.

Furthermore, some proof drinking green tea consistently, expanding your soy consumption, getting your fill of omega-3 unsaturated fats, and growing plant sterols may help in cholesterol management.5

Like red yeast rice, these optional cures may likewise cause particular results. Given the wellbeing chances, it is shrewd to stay away from red yeast rice items. To secure against the possibly unfavourable impacts of a dietary enhancement, a study utilizing supplements finally makes sure to with your primary care physician if you’re thinking about using supplements.


Anyway, of the developing interest in dietary improvements, red yeast rice isn’t suggested for hypercholesterolemia patients. An absence of stability among items, the chance of infecting, and the danger of severe unfavourable responses represent a danger to people utilizing this item. In general, red yeast rice has not been a protected option compared to statins for patients with hyperlipidemia despite its showed adequacy in controlled clinical beginnings. Doctors ought to know about its prevalence as a “characteristic” approach to bring down serum cholesterol. They ought to examine the dangers and advantages of this enhancement with their patients.

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