is Hummus good for you
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Hummus is a creamy, thick spread dish which is made from mashed chickpeas and few other healthy ingredients. Like lemon juice, garlic .tahini and over time, it has become very noteworthy all around the globe over the decades. However, the recipe came mostly from middle eastern and north African countries. But in today’s world, the other countries across  America and Europe are enjoying this popular dish. But is Hummus good for you?

Hummus has become so well known that people consider it one of the most widely consumed middle eastern foods worldwide. Nowadays, people have started to eat Hummus daily as they are becoming more concerned about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet plan.


How Much Good Hummus Is All Over The World

If you want to eat healthier and try to follow doctors’ orders and it includes a proper food habit, but it’s tough to maintain. In that case,  try to select some food that will be nutritious and at the same time fulfils your hunger. Hence Hummus will be an excellent suggestion for a good food habit if you compare it with other dishes.

If you look for articles on healthy food in magazines or any social media, you will notice that they have mentioned this dish every once in a while.  Hummus can be traditional, and it is made from a blend of chickpeas, and other ingredients (olive oil, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and some spices ) are also added to make this dish. All of them are mixed, and it looks like mayonnaise though the taste is quite different from that.

At first, it will not look delicious if you don’t like a creamy texture, but after tasting it, you will want more and more. The recipe of it mainly came from the middle east, and it is one of the traditional food out there though it’s becoming more common all around the globe. It is Mediterranean food, so it’s very rich in protein, carbohydrates, iron, fibre vitamins, and antioxidants, helping us stay in shape.


The Method of Eating Hummus

The method of eating  Hummus is quite diverse. You can have it with pita bread, flatbread, tortilla chips. You can use it as a substitute for mayonnaise. Instead of using mayo for your sandwiches, you can spread out Hummus, and it will be much healthier for you.

Also, it can be served with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and sauteed mushrooms. People even eat it with chicken or fish to have a proper meal. So what do you think about Hummus as a dish? Is it actually good for you?

Hummus Recipe

It is considered a healthy snack. Not only will it turn out as the perfect dip, but it is delicious even if you try it with sandwiches and wraps and a variety of other recipes. It’s effortless to make your homemade Hummus. Things you need for this recipe are -chickpeas, tahini lemon, olive oil, spices.

First, you have to strain the chickpeas and keep the leftover liquid, which is also known as aqua fava, because you may use it later for another dish. Add both cans of chickpeas to your blender along with a half cup of tahini( mashed up sesame seeds), and if you have never used tahini before, it’s ground sesame seeds, but it adds a creamy and nutty texture to Hummus.

After that, you will add two fresh lemons and squeeze these through your hands to catch the seeds. Add two cloves of garlic, and they will enhance your primary hummus flavour, but if you want more garlicky flavour, you can add them according to your need. You don’t have to mince the cloves. Just peel them and put them in the blender.

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Nest you will add a quarter cup of olive oil, a teaspoon of cumin, and a pinch or two salts. Lastly, add some aqua fava and blend all this. There, your creamy Hummus is ready. Isn’t it going to be healthy and good for you?


Health Benefits Of Hummus

  1. Keeps the digestive track regular – Hummus has a very high protein content. It contains protein, so it helps to regulate your bowel movements. Since we all know what regular nuisance movements can be, we should thank Hummus for this problem as it solves the problem very quickly. Apart from that, the high fibre content also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Helps to lower cholesterol – The main ingredient in Hummus is already mentioned before, and it is chickpeas. People also consider them as garbanzo beans, and it means they belong to the bean family. It is full of nutrients, and that’s why it lowers cholesterol levels. However, if you are thinking of having it daily to gain health benefits.


If you buy it from stores, even it’s from a good brand, it tends to have much more salt and olive oil, which may turn out unhealthy for your health, and the doctors always recommend buying the perfect beans measuring the ingredients they tend to have. The dish is very low-fat food. So is Hummus good for you?

  1. Helps to combat and prevent cancer – This is one of the best benefits that Hummus can provide, and that’s why people tend to have it more than ever. Also, it’s from the bean family, and they are known to carry three particular elements that naturally works to protect those cells that can cause cancer.


These compounds, beans, and Hummus contain saponins, protease inhibitors, and phytic acid. So people often ask, “Is hummus really good for you ?” Tests and studies were done regarding this fact, and they have proved that if you eat in the right amount, it will help you prevent cancer via these compounds. So this dish is undoubtedly good for you.

  1. It helps you lose weight –

At the same time, it becomes challenging to maintain a diet plan in the first place. But Hummus is entirely from all of these. It’s super nutritious and very yummy and delicious as it has a beautiful nutty and creamy flavour that you are bound to fall in love with the taste.

Its also chock full of monounsaturated fats, most of which come from the tahini paste you can find in the Hummus itself. It is a trendy substitute for trans and polyunsaturated fats. These are the main elements for gaining weight and belly fat. If you want to get rid of gaining weight, you can start eating the oriental paste and trust the fantastic benefit of Hummus. People find it very healthy and suitable for their body as it is non-fat food.

  1. Helps to strengthen the bones –More often, this question will pop up in your mind “Is Hummus good for you?” If you notice the dish, the main ingredients in Hummus, the chickpeas, and the sesame paste have a high calcium content. We all know calcium best know for increasing bone density. These particular health benefits of Hummus are those women who are in their fifties. This natural female process is mostly connected with osteoporosis as well. So the doctors highly recommend that women must get proper calcium into their system. They can take calcium supplements every single day or more often, but this dish will be much more beneficial than taking those. As a result, it will be much better.
  2. Helps to alleviate anaemia –

    Anaemia is one of the most dangerous diseases out there. Millions of people suffer from this, especially children and women. When the body cannot contain enough blood cells and adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues. Thus it creates an iron deficiency in the body. So, the person tends to feel weak and tired most of the time. If the situation gets worse, he or she might faint.  It will help you restore your correct iron levels and reduce your anaemia if you consume Hummus. If you do not have anaemia, then it will help you to prevent it.

  3. A better substitute for unhealthy foods  If you obsessed with junk food and cannot go a single day without having those. But you are noticing that you are gaining weight day by day, yet you cannot stop yourself from having this, and you barely can have healthy food as they do not taste as good as junk food. Then Hummus will be a perfect dish as its texture is full of creamy and tastes like mayo. At first, you might not like it, but you will notice a change in your food habit if you tend to have it more often. You will see that this dish looks very insufficient, but a few moments later, you will discover your tummy is full when you eat it. Thus it can help you to avoid junk foods and the adverse effects of other foods. You can use it instead of mayo or mix water until it’s thin to be used as a salad dressing. You can have it with other vegetables, chickens, or fishes, and it will undoubtedly turn out as a healthier alternative to those things.
  4. Helps to prevent allergy –

In that case, Hummus can help as it is gluten, nut, and dairy-free. If you tend to get allergies more often, you can have Hummus closing your eyes because its elements reduce allergy chances.

If you want variety, firstly, you have to make raw Hummus. You can add fruits, vegetables, or anything else according to your taste, and it can alter the taste of whatever you were having before. It may give you ease.

  1. Works as an inspiration to maintain a healthy diet plan –As it’s Mediterranean food, people tend to think, “Is Hummus good for all of us?” The dish contains a balanced portion of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and antioxidants. If you have this diet more often, you will suddenly notice a change in your body as you tend to get fitter than before. You will feel more comfortable while doing any work as this dish creates a balance in your body,
  2. Helps to balance blood sugar and prevent diseases –People who eat this dish more often tend to have lower blood sugar. The lower level of bad cholesterol, and even a reduced risk of certain diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.

If there were any nutrition contests for dips, Hummus would win the top prize and best general category. Each two-tablespoon serving of Hummus contains quite a nutritious dish that includes hearty. It is the healthy fat of two to three grams of protein and fibre. So if you ask me, “Is Hummus good for you?” I will say yes. Chickpeas are the primary source of nutrition. They have shown to offer several health benefits.

Things You Should Be Aware Of Hummus

Hummus is very healthy food. But sometimes you have to be careful about certain things while buying Hummus from stores.

  1. So, while buying Hummus, everyone should check those labels. And looking for a brand that contains 140 milligrams per serving or less. Sometimes that same two tablespoons serving of Hummus can have 50,60 or 70 calories depending on the bread. So be aware when you are dipping. If you eat more than your needs, then it may work otherwise.


Last Few Words About Hummus

So people ask this question a lot, “Is Hummus good for you?” Overall, the benefits we get from Hummus are plentiful, and the dish is very convenient for all of us. Because of its health benefits, it is getting more popular. People are choosing this dish to become healthier than they used to be.

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