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TVS Insurance_ New Two Wheeler Insurance – 3 year protection
TVS Insurance_ New Two Wheeler Insurance – 3 year protection

TVS Insurance: New Two Wheeler Insurance – 3 year protection

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TVS Insurance – New Two Wheeler Insurance – 3 year protection Policy

TVS New Two Wheeler Insurance

As we know India is the biggest manufacturer of two wheelers in the world. And TVS is one of them. The TVS is most commonly popular for tvs insurance policies and post-sales services.TVS is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of the two-wheels in the world.TVS has an annual revenue of Rs. 20,185.43 Crore. From these figures, it is evident that the market for TVs’ products in India is quite substantial.

TVS Insurance_ New Two Wheeler Insurance – 3 year protection
TVS Insurance_ New Two Wheeler Insurance – 3 year protection
New Two Wheeler Insurance | TVS Insurance

TVS Motor Company – A Brief History

The TVS Motor Company Ltd is the largest contributor to the TVS Group with respect to its size and turnover. With headquarters in Chennai, TVS found its origin through the Sundaram Clayton Company in 1972. The company began manufacturing motorcycles through a technical collaboration with Suzuki, one of Japan’s leading auto manufacturers.

TVS Motors was established separately in 2001 after its contract with Suzuki ended.

TVS Bike insurance – 

The TVS insurance is an excellent financial product for your TVS two wheeler that allows you to safeguard your finances from losses incurred while riding your vehicle on the road.

Before getting insurance, it is very important for us to take care of some things because we common people only know that we are getting insurance, so if my bike gets stolen, bumped into another vehicle or someone accident from my car, we will get insurance but let us tell you that it does not happen. You will need to understand these aspects of insurance.

What Covered in this TVS two wheeler insurance policy?

This TVS insurance nearly covers all things like bike accidents, explosion, fire, personal accident, and nearly all the other natural disasters. This insurance will protect you from all kinds of natural disasters.

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The following are the cases covered in insurance TVS Insurance: New Two Wheeler Insurance:

1. Accident

This new two wheeler insurance also covers accident cases. This will help you stay safe. This will cover all types of accidents.

2. Theft

This policy also covers theft cases. This is different than other policies. It is helpful in case when your bike is stolen, unfortunately. This is also a very helpful aspect of this policy.

3. fire

This will protect your bike form fire and explosion etc.  This includes explosion, fire, and all the kinds of natural calamities.

4. Natural Disasters

This Tvs insurance will cover all kinds of damage by natural disasters on your bike. You don’t need to worry about the damage by the natural calamities to your bike.

What not covered in this Tvs Insurance Policy :

You should also know that what points are not covered in this policy. This are the actual points about which you need to worry. You must take care of the all following points. It is equally important to know what’s not covered in your two-wheeler insurance policy so that there are no surprises when you make a claim. Here are some such situations:

1.  Drink and Drive

This policy is not responsible for damages by drinking and driving. This is illegal. Your bike insurance won’t cover for you in situations where you were riding drunk or without a valid two-wheeler license.

2.  Driving without a valid Driving Licence holder

If you hold a learner’s license and were riding your two-wheeler without a valid license-holder on the pillion seat- then your claim in those situations won’t be covered. You must drive a bike with only a valid driving license.

3. Consequential Damages

Any damage which is not a direct result of the accident (e.g. after an accident, if the damaged two-wheeler is being used incorrectly and the engine gets damaged, it will not be covered)

4. Contributory Negligences

Any contributory negligence(e.g. damage due to driving a two-wheeler in a flood, which is not recommended as per the manufacturer’s driving manual, will not be covered)

5.  Add-ons not Bought

Some situations are covered in add-ons. If you haven’t bought those add-ons, the corresponding situations will not be covered.

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Aditya Birla Insurance Broker (ABIB Tvs insurance):

Aditya Birla Insurance Broker (ABIB Tvs insurance):
Aditya Birla Insurance Broker (ABIB Tvs insurance):

There are many companies which provide Insurance on TV bikes. ABIB is one of them.

Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Limited (“ABL”), a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited, is a leading composite insurance broker and regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (“IRDAI”).

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ABL also offers re-insurance solutions to insurance companies and has developed strong relations with Indian as well as global insurers operating in India, South Asia, Middle East, and South-East Asia. ABIBL is among the leading players in the retail industry and enjoys a strong presence in the corporate business industry where it provides solutions to a vast array of sectors ranging from manufacturing and metals to financial services.

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Some FAQ About TVS Insurance –

What are the documents I will need to claim my TVS  insurance policy?

The following are the documents needed when making a claim on your TVS insurance – 1. Claim intimation form 2. Registration certificate and driver’s license 3. Policy document 4. FIR (in case of theft) 5. Repair bills or invoices

Is it possible to renew my TVS bike insurance policy online?

Yes. TVS Insurance online renewal is easy and hassle-free. But make sure that you are renewing the plan before the policy expiration date so as to avail the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount on the new plan.

Should I opt for a single year or Multi-year for TVS insurance?

As we mentioned earlier, long-term or multi-term TVS insurance plan is always better. The new two wheeler insurance policy is valid for two-three years. It eliminates the hassle for renewing the policy annually and enables you to save a significant amount on the premiums charged.

Can I opt to change my TVS new two wheeler insurance, also avail the No Claim Bonus?

Yes. You can avail the No Claim Bonus (NCB) on your TVS two wheeler insurance even if you plan to change your insurance provider.

What details are to be provided to renew my TVS two wheeler insurance policy?

When renewing the TVS Insurance or two wheeler insurance, you will need the following details – 1. Your vehicle registration number 2. Date and place of the vehicle purchase 3. Your name 4. Your residential address and contact details 5. Make and model of your TVS bike along with its manufacturing date

Single year insurance plan or a long-term insurance plan: what’s better in the case of TVS insurance?

It is recommended to choose a long-term or multi-year bike insurance plan for your TVS bike. It is convenient, and you no longer have to worry about renewing the plan every year. Also, you save a fortune on premiums, get to skip the paperwork, and avoid the gap in coverage since you are covered for an extended period.
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