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It is undeniable that most people prefer to use Portable Document File or PDF. It is a type of file format that, when saved, cannot be modified. This file type is beneficial for most people, especially if the file is in the final stage; it no longer needs any editing. However, most individuals would still want to alter their PDF files.

However, one can not do it if it is not converted back into a Word Document. It is the time where Optical Character Recognition takes place. The extraction of images from your files turns it into an adjustable file such as Word Documents. Some tools do not have this kind of system. While PDFBear, a provider of your file formats needs, has it for you.

FindIt Hard To Convert Your PDF File Back To Word Document?

One may come across in his lifetime countless problems in converting PDF files into an editable Word Document. Indeed, it is possibly a complicated process. Some tools may require valuable skill in using computers to do such tasks. But PDFBear makes it easy for you with the use of OCR. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide for you provided by PDFBear:

  • Select the PDF file you want to turn into an editable document.
  • The converter then extracts your chosen PDF file.
  • The system will need seconds to convert your files, so sit still while waiting.
  • You can now download your converted file and share it online!

It does not end with that; they also offer conversion of PDF to Word free if you want to try it first before paying for a subscription. The tool also provides other conversions of file formats such as Excel, PDF/A, JPG, and many more! It is an all-in-one tool! With that, you do not need to oblige yourself to use various tools for file format conversion!

Also, rest assured that your files are of high quality. The system makes sure that all files uploaded, such as images, will have high resolution. You don’t need to install some complicated software or applications using PDFBear. It’s a one-click-away task, plus it is effortless!

Optical Character Recognition

The tool sounds complicated, but it’s the other way around. Optical Character Recognition or OCR detects and extracts the images found on your files and retains the format. Having OCR supported by PDFBear makes your task even more comfortable! Your PDF conversion would be an effortless job.

You do not need to manually type one-by-one the exact words written on your PDF file. With Optical Character Recognition, they automatically transform your PDF files into a changeable Word Document. All your layouts, formats, and whatever found in your PDF files are all converted similarly into Word Documents, thanks to the OCR system!


If you look up tools concerning PDF file conversion, you may see an array that demands complicated processes. Some of them may even require you to download some application to enable you to run such tools. Well, PDFBear does not need you to do so.

If you are concerned with the complications, the steps of converting your PDF files into an editable document entail, well, don’t be. PDFBear does not demand complicated steps. It has a straightforward method that beginner computer users can easily follow! You only need to choose which among your PDF files need converting, and the rest is up to PDFBear!

Required Browsers And Operating System

PDFBear is known for its versatility and easy-to-follow instructions. It is also renowned for being highly convenient, since PDFBear does not require you to download any application whatsoever. And whether your Operating System is Linux, Mac, or Windows, you do not need to worry since these work well with PDFBear.

Also, PDFBear supports multiple browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer! The only thing you need to confront is which files you wish to convert using this tool. PDFBear will do the rest for you so that you can focus on your other jobs!

Always Grab It On The Go!

Some individuals look for file savers if their webmails have reached their maximum capacity to store memory. PDFBear allows you to save your files via Cloud System, provided that you have an Internet connection. It is much easier and comfortable for your converted file formats.

The advantage of the Cloud System lies in the principle of data storage. Your webmails have their limitations. Hence, Cloud Systems do the rest of the data storing. Since PDFBear supports the Cloud System, you can save your files via their server and view them anytime you like. You can even share it with your colleagues!


With the use of Optical Character Recognition, your experience in PDF file conversion is much more convenient. Other tools do not have this kind of satisfying feature. But with PDFBear, you can sit and relax while converting your files! You can check other features on the PDFBear’s website, and you may avail of its free trial for a time!

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