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PDFBear: Your All-In-One PDF Tool

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PDFBear is an online tool for our Portable Document Format or PDF files. PDFBear allows its users to convert, merge, split, compress, sign, etc., their documents in a fast, easy, and secure way. It is free and accessible anywhere and anytime. PDFBear is reliable to its highest standard.

May it be Windows, Mac, or Linux, PDFBear allows us to use their software with our Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones. There is no need for us to download software; by just going on their website, we can use their tools. Thus, making our work comfortable and trouble-free. Here are the tools available in PDFBear.

Compressing a PDF

Compressing a PDF file became fast and easy with PDFBear. You and I might have encountered several conflicts with uploading a file on an email, perhaps because  the file is too large, and by reducing the size of the file, our documents will be attached and uploaded, avoiding such problems.

If you want to know how to compress a PDF file, PDFBear will help you select the file that we want to compress and upload it on their system. Then simply choose the file size that you want before your document gets converted. Now, we can upload and send the file without any problems.

Converting PDFs

In converting files with PDFBear, we have to select the file through our computers or smartphones. PDFBear will autodetect to its respective format: Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, etc. then it will be ready for download. With their system, PDFBear would not compromise our files’ quality. Their conversion tool will automatically detect and choose the highest possible quality.

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Merging a PDF

To merge a PDF file is to combine two or more documents in one. For a quicker and easier way of tracking, printing, sending, or attaching all the documents, we need to send, present, or share. By merging, our documents are more organized and oriented. Also, it gives us more storage space in our devices.

With PDFBear, to merge a PDF file, we have to select all the files that we want to combine then upload them in their system; once done, they let us modify the files and download and save it on our disc, or share it on Google Drive or Dropbox right after.

Lock and Unlock PDF

One of many advantages of PDFBear is they have a tool to lock and unlock our PDF files, which makes them secure and protected by encrypting and giving them a passcode to open. With PDFBear’s 256-Bit Encryption, this means that our passcode is nearly impossible to crack. By uploading our files to their system, they would let us create a passcode and be available for download.

Adding a Watermark

A watermark is a faded image displayed in the background of our texts. By adding a watermark, our contents are more protected and claiming ownership. Without it, our contents are susceptible to theft and unauthorized use. With PDFBear, watermarks could be added to our PDF files professionally with the highest quality, whereas we could also customize the typography and transparency.

E-signature on a PDF

Adding a signature to our documents was made easy with PDFBear. Uploading the file to their system, adding an electronic signature, then downloading. It’s a 3-easy step. By adding e-signature to our files, we avoid additional tasks like printing to sign a file or document. With PDFBear, our signatures are protected and secured with their 256-SSL Encryption.

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Add Page Numbers on our PDF

PDFBear gives us the simplest way to number our pages. By using their software, we can add page numbers to our files in a few simple steps. Also, PDFBear is attentive to detail, in that they allow us to add pages’ numbers while customizing the position and typography. We can also avoid adding a number to our cover pages.

Repair a PDF

PDFBear also allows us to repair any damaged or corrupted PDF file that we may have. Using their tool, by uploading the corrupted files to their system, they will soon analyze and repair them; although some files are not recoverable, PDFBear assures us that they will not make it worse.


As a frequent user of PDFBear, the low pricing to use PRO membership helped me since unlimited tasks conversion are given, with unlimited storage space for the file and unlimited storage life for uploaded and converted tasks. Also, they have a higher upload speed in percentage and a priority in technical or customer support.


Given all these tools in our hands, managing our PDF files is now easier and faster. While our files’ safety and security are guaranteed, we can also use the system for a much lower price than other PDF formatting systems. These are all possible with the use of PDFBear.

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