How to Promote on TikTok: An Algorithm for Any Business 

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Should a business go to TikTok, is there a suitable audience there? It seems so. The monthly number of active users is in the tens of millions. 

TikTok has different options for promotion, in addition to maintaining your own account:

  • Targeted advertising.
  • Buying ads from TikTok stars.
  • Big promotional projects with TikTok itself, such as branded hashtag chelongs.

Let’s talk about what anyone can do, whether you have a big brand, like 22Bet or Netflix, or a small business.

How to Promote Content in TikTok

The TikTok algorithm understands how great a video you’ve made by the reaction of the audience that first saw it. Whether a video goes viral depends most on the number of views to the end, followed by likes, comments, and reposts. TikTok searches for audiences with similar tastes to the people who responded to your video, and shows them the videos. 

TikTok has two feeds – subscriptions and recommendations. All videos end up in the recommendations section one way or another if they don’t have 0 views. 

  • If people don’t like the video, if they don’t respond to it, it only shows to a small audience in the recommendations.
  • If you’ve shot something ripped, the video is actively commented on and reposted, the algorithms will show it to more people. 
  • And if the dynamics are maintained, the video in the recommendations will see even more people with similar interests.

Conclusion: you need cool content to promote yourself in TikTok.

A Roadmap for Creating and Promoting Content in TikTok


When entering a new site, the first and most important thing is to analyze it.  Look through the tags of similar businesses, similar accounts.

Build up a following, keep interesting videos, remember trends and tricks. Enhance your TikTok content strategy by incorporating a dynamic element—create animated videos to captivate your audience and stand out in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

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Positioning and Goals

What do you want from a TikTok promotion?

Let’s say you have a cheap product and you want to get a huge audience. In this case, you need to shoot viral videos, on the most popular topics.

Or, say, you sell some private consultations or training sessions. Then you need a small but precise audience, narrower topics will work for that.

It’s about making a content plan based on your goals and positioning.

Creating a Content Plan

You should make a content plan that has a theme, briefly stated thesis, if shooting with bloggers – a link to the blogger, a call to action, what we want from this video, the date and time of publication.

Profile Design

Make a normal, human nickname, without the extra dots, underlines in the beginning, in the middle and at the end. 

An avatar should be brighter, you can insert a piece of video, you can do something related to your specifics. The more unusual, the more attention you will attract.

Profile description will tell users what’s going on in the account, and then – links to other social networks or sites.

This app can also make playlists, that is, form videos into folders, it makes viewing content in your profile more convenient for users.

At the stage of registration, it’s better to choose the author’s account rather than a business one. Because in a business account, a very large number of music tracks will not be available to you.


How much to shoot? If you’re just now getting into Tik Tok, you should shoot an average of four to seven videos a day. Unless, of course, you have super challenging shoots or bursting video effects. But at first it’s best to shoot at least 3-4 videos a day.

Don’t design videos that you have to shoot for 3 days at a time. You’ll burn out quickly and it won’t pay off. For the first few months, try to shoot as quickly as possible.

Plan for script preparation:

  • Determine the purpose of the video (CTA).
  • Write the text and storyboard.
  • Determine what the intrigue/unexpectedness is.
  • Plan the use of your branding.
  • Reread and simplify the text as much as possible.
  • Plan for a change of perspective (close-up/shallow).
  • Come up with text for the cover.
  • Write a description for the video.
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TikTok scripts usually have a classic structure:

  • Exposition (introduce the characters, voice the issue, the problem) – the goal is to interest.
  • The climax (difficulties, the actions of the characters) – the task of keeping the tension.
  • The denouement (problem solving, outcome) – the task of fulfilling the CTA.


Video analytics are only available from the account from which the video is published. 

The main indicator is not the likes, but the views of the video. If the depth of views is less than half, it means the video is being scrolled through and there’s something wrong with it. 

Next – pay attention to comments. You may not have many views, but if you see that people are starting to write you comments then they’re interested in the content. It’s worth it to keep at it.

Go to the feed from your account, see recommendations, like it, leave comments. First, to look for new ideas, and second, to show profile activity, that’s important, too. 

Referring Your Audience to Your Other Accounts

On average, 3-10% of followers go from TikTok to Instagram. If it’s important for you to attract an audience to Instagram, point out to subscribers that you have an account there and encourage them to sign up.

You can give extra value for subscribing to Instagram. For example, you can only answer questions there or make a video that breaks off at the most interesting point and you can see the sequel on Instagram.


TikTok is still of interest to journalists, especially if something off the beaten path appears there. For example, journalists like to write about unconventional occupations in TikTok and make different picks. They’ve written about farmers, about lawyers, about politicians.

So if you have a relatively unusual business and there hasn’t been one in TikTok yet, try contacting journalists, appearing on some podcasts, blogs while it’s interesting.

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