Asian wrestling championship 2020

In this world, people want to enjoy wrestling ND participate in wrestling. However, it is quite tricky support but an amazing one. People should need to know about the tips and tricks of wrestling. Furthermore, people also invest money to support their customers or player. Hence, wrestling has many more benefits. In this article, my focus is to share various aspects of the Asian wrestling championship 2020. I will also share some related parts of this content.

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Abstract about wrestling

Wrestling competition allows people to show their skills. People show their power, energy, and strength in competitions. However, the Asian wrestling championship 2020 is one of the best amusing platforms to enjoy. some people invest money to sup[out their players./ champions should Alsop get fame and popularity by winning various competitions. That is why people should need to know about wrestling rules and regulations. Some people also choose this support as a profession.

Who gave the idea of wrestling?

Although this idea is unique and fantastic, it was developing by ancient Greeks as a way to practice soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. After failing the Greeks, the Roman Empire borrowed from Greek wrestling but released much brutality. Moreover, The Greeks feared the real history of the sport would be lost. As a result, Greco-Roman wrestling was born. The idea attracts people’s supports and interest. With time, it also gets fame and popularity due to the best players.

Names of best players in Asian wrestling championship 2020:

Serial number Best players names
1-  Shinseki Nakamura.
2- The Iron Sheik
3- Kari Sane
4- he Great Khali
5- Taka Michinoku.
6- Tajiki
7- Taka Michinoku


Asian wrestling championship 2020 competition

He 2020 Asian Wrestling Championships had held at the KD Jada Indoor Stadium, Indira Gandhi Arena, and New Delhi in India location. The event occurs from February 18 to February 23. China had barred from entering into the competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. North Korea and Turkmenistan were unable to participate in the tournament due to circumstances stemming from the outbreak.

  • Many nations participate in this championship—only those who become successful who devoted themselves to work. Different countries provide different players. Therefore, as a result, there arises a wide variety of people supporters.
  • The nations include Japan, Kazakhstan, Asia, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, South Korea, Kashan, and many more countries. All these countries join the Asian wrestling championship 2020 to win the game and get a high score.

What is the schedule for the Asian wrestling championship 2020?

Hence, the schedule or timetable is essential to play a game or to start a journey. In this regard, people like the way to schedule the table of playing performance of various players. Now I will share the schedule for the Asian wrestling championship 2020:

  • February 18, Tuesday for Finals (Greco-Roman with 55-63-77-87-130kg)
  • Then, February 19, Wednesday for Finals (Greco-Roman with 60-67-72-82-97kg)
  • February 20, Thursday for Finals (Women with 50-55-59-68-76kg)
  • Also, February 21, Friday for Finals (Women with 53-57-62-65-72kg)
  • February 22, Saturday for Finals (Freestyle with 57-65-70-79-97kg)
  • 23 Feb, Sunday for Finals (Freestyle– 61-74-86-92-125kg)

What weight will categories be in action?

The event will possess 30 weight classes in action: 10 kilograms each in Freestyle Men, Women, and Greco Roman. The weight categories for the Asian wrestling championship 2020 are as follows:

Men: 57 kg (Olympic kind category), 61 kg, 65 kg (Olympic class), 70 kg, 74 kg (Olympic type category), 79 kg, 86 kg (Olympic type category), 92 kg, 97 kg (Olympic class), 125 kg (Olympic class)


50 kg (Olympic type category), 53 kg (Olympic type category), 55 kg, 57 kg (Olympic type category), 59 kg, 62 kg (Olympic type category), 65 kg, 68 kg (Olympic type category), 72 kg, 76 kg (Olympic type category for wrestling)

Greco-Roman (men):

53 kg, 60 kg (Olympic type category), 63 kg, 67 kg (Olympic type category), 72 kg, 77 kg (Olympic type category), 82 kg, 87 kg (Olympic type category), 97 kg (Olympic type category), 130 kg (Olympic type category)

Which wrestlers are components of the Indian contingent for wrestling?

The full Indian staff for Asian Wrestling Championships is as follows:


Arjun Durugappa Halakurki (55kg), Gyanender Dahiya (with 60 kg), Sachin Rana (63 kg), Ashu (67 kg), Aditya Kundu (72 kg), Sajan Bhanwal (77 kg), Harpreet Singh (82 kg), Sunil Kumar (87 kg), Hardeep Singh (97 kg), Meher Singh (130 kg)


Nirmala Devi (50 kg), Vinesh Phogat (53 kg), Pinki (with 55 kg), Anshu Malik (57 kg), Sarita Mor (59 kilograms), Sonam Malik (62 kg), Sakshi Malik (65 kg), Divya Kakran (68 kg), Gursharan Preet Kaur (72 kg), Kiran Bishnoi (76 kg)

Men Freestyle:

Ravi Kumar (57 kg), Rahul Aware (61 kg), Bajrang Punia (65 kg), Naveen (70 kilograms), Jitender (74 kilograms), Gourav Baliyan (79 kilograms), Deepak Punia (86 kg), Sombir (92 kilograms), Stewart Kadian (97 kg), Sumit Malik (125 kg)

How to watch the Asian wrestling championship 2020 online?

However, there are many ways to watch the wrestling competition due to coronavirus’s pandemic situation. However, some people overlook this wrestling competition online.

  • People watch live sports and wrestling competitions on many platforms. However, the Asian wrestling championship is quite reliable and remarkable. Everyone wants to watch the live wrestling g program. Hence, a person should need to follow the following steps:
    First, the person should sign up or sign in to the platform
  • To sign up, the person should enter his/her personal information. The user should need to click on the signup button. After this, some pages require personal information such as amen, phone no, email address, or any more detail. The person should enter and make the account.
  • For sign-in, the person needs to click on the movement. after warning in, there comes a page. This page requires the previous data and password. Make sure that you should entree the correct password in the details. After putting or signing in the account, the person should open his/her previous statement on the platform.
  • After opening the platform, the person should need to search for the Asian wrestling championship 2020. There comes an adoption to watch the wrestling championship of Asians. Click on that. Open that and enjoy the wrestling online watching system.

Who won the Asian wrestling championship 2020?

Ravi Kumar Dahiya wins the best gold medal, Bajrang Punia, Satywart Kadian, Gourav Baliyan settle for silver. India’s Ravi Dahiya proved the gold medal in the 57kg men’s freestyle category at the Asian Wrestling Championship on Saturday of the week. Yahiya’s award was India is only gold of the day as three other grapplers extent their respective final bouts, including Bajrang.

Rules of Asian wrestling championship 2020

Now I will share some of the most prominent rules and regulations for the Asian wrestling championship 2020. However, it is quite essential and necessary to list the rules. Hence, by implementing all regulations, a person should become successful in his/her field.

There are almost five ways to score points in a wrestling match:

 Takedown – (2 points)

You score more than two points for br8inging your opponent down to the mat and controlling him/her. Hence, this had done through various strategies. Therefore, different people use different tricks to lay their opponent. Do not use abusive language to lead the opponent down the ground? Hence, this game requires some strength. This fact had only done by making the body physique best for the wrestling competition.


(1 point) You score more than one topic for getting away or getting to a neutral position when your opponent has you down on the mat. Hence, this needs much power to overcome the influence of others. This fact also requires many tricks to stay neutral. Thus, wrestling assures the lesson of controlling the nerves. Hence, the person’s hold only remains straight if he/she is preparing for a wrestling attack. As a result, the person should be ready to overcome the attack.


(2 points) You also score two points when your opponent has you down on the mat, and you come from underneath and gain control of your opponent. This fact had only done with the help of basic strategies. The person should need to find a place to overcome the opponent and then attack again. Hence, this is quite an essential feature of wrestling.

 Near Fall (Back Points)

(2 or 3 points) You score near fall points when you almost but not quite get your opponent pinned. A near fall (near pin) is when. Wrestling is the second man of power. Hence, this may need some tricks and tips. That is why; this field requires some more strategies. This fact may prove beneficial in this regard. However, this strategy helped to win the best again championship in 2020.  If a near lasts for two seconds, you gain 2 points. If someone near fall lasts for 5 seconds, you indeed earn 3 points.

Prevention for Asian wrestling championship 2020:

Now I will share some of the most prominent preventions that a player should follow.

  • The player is not allowing to leave the player’s ground during the match.
  • The player should only drink or eat a thing before the wrestling again championship 2020/. The break is giving to the players to eat or drink something if he/she wants.
  • The player should also need to continue the game without any problem. The player should require filling the death corticated before wrestling.
  • If the player gets some injury or any problem, then he/she should not be blaming the staff members,
  • The fans of the player should prevent supporting the player during wrestling. It attracts the attention of the player and interacts with him/her during wrestling. This fact may lead to more complications.
  • The players hold also avoid the opponents to harass. However, some players interstate wrong with opponents. They also deal with the opponent to lose the game. In this case, the person should need to avoid such behaviours.
  • If a person is finding susceptive in any situation, then he/she should be immediate taken away from staff.
  • The players should not get angry after losing the game because this may cause damage to people’s lives as everyone is very expert in fighting. As a result, it may also lead to life risks.
  • Finally, A person should need to take all these preventions to continue the Asian wrestling championship 2020. With these preventions, the person can become the most successful player of the Asian wrestling championship 2020.

Final verdict:

To know about wrestling, the person can consult this article. Furthermore, the person can also clear all the questions and confusions by reading the above-described Asian wrestling championship 2020.

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