Thursday , January 26 2023

Why Buy WBT Token?

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If you want to be a part of the crypto industry and take advantage of all its benefits, the first essential thing you should know is how to pick a crypto asset for investment. There are hundreds of crypto projects in the market, but how to choose a really successful one? We recommend considering crypto assets issued by popular platforms. An example of such an investment asset can be the WhiteBIT token. Let’s discuss the advantages of buying this crypto.

WhiteBIT is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that operates in Europe. It has over two million registered users and offers a variety of trading tools:

  • Staking
  • Trading with leverage
  • Margin 
  • Spot
  • Trading futures
  • P2P exchange 
  • Referral program.

The platform allows to buy cryptocurrency with fiat money directly from your bank card and withdraw crypto assets to the bank card. This and other options are available for registered users who passed the KYC verification since WhiteBIT is a centralized exchange that adheres to all the regulations and rules.

Recently, the platform issued its native WBT token. It is supposed to bridge the exchange with other products that were and will be developed in connection with WhiteBIT. Developers can use this token as a reliable asset for deploying their products on the WhiteBIT platform.

Benefits for WhiteBIT Users 

The initial token sale was conducted in August 2022. Those who bought the tokens have discounts on maker and taker transactions and access to more products. Users who participate in the referral program receive increased interest (up to 50%). 

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The emission of the WBT token is limited, and there will be no additional emission. Every week, a portion of tokens are burned to maintain the treasury of this asset. 

Half of the tokens issued are blocked for a certain period, and the unlocking process will gradually begin within five years.

Today the WBT USDT pair is traded at 5,41, and you can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT exchange. When the token is listed on other large crypto exchanges, its rate is likely to increase. 

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