Talathi Bharti 2019 Mock Test in English

Talathi Bharti 2019

Talathi Bharti 2019

Question D Give the correct one word for the phrase : 'A person who is a hundred or more years old.'efault Title

Change into a complex sentence : 'You throw the stone and I will run.

Pick out the correct preposition to fill in the blank: 'Ravina is good ....... Maths but weak ....... English.

Choose the correct question tag: 'Maya seldom visits Mina and company.

Who teaches you english?' Which of the following is the correct corresponding pasive structure of the above sentence?

Give meaning of the idiom: 'Flog a dead horse.

Find the correct form of 'Adjective' of underlined works: 'I need more jam.'

Select the correct meaning of the underlined work : 'He is Mid Day correspondent.

Change into Comparative Degree: Very few towns in India are as rich as Bombay.

Choose the correct pronoun to fill in the blank: 'They found ....... in a tight corner.

Choose the corect Indirect speech : He said to him,

Choose the correct synonym : 'Contradict'

Which one of the following is not a plural noun?

Which of the option best represents the exclamatory form of the given sentence? 'It was a very fine morning.

The underlined part of the sentence is : 'She went to Pune.'

Join the sentence using 'not only ....... but also.' : He was a statesman. He was a poet.

Choose the correct indirect narration of the following sentence

Fill in the blanks with the correct adjective : 'It is not easy to find a ...... babysitter.

Choose the correct spelling.

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