Huawei p30 lite Fiyat
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The Huawei lite version flagship phones were a hit and miss in the last year if you ask me. However, the Huawei p30 lite fiyat is the best from the lite versions of that flagship phone. Moreover, one of those phones delivers you with high-end specifications and has a reasonable price tag to go along.

The p30 lite has the design to stand out and not mention the back panel, which will grab your attention. This phone delivers excellent display while watching videos or operating the phone. Moreover, the wave pattern that beautifully blends with light is something you need to have in your hand.

That is the primary purpose of this article to give you an overview of the Huawei p30 lite fiyat so you can choose if you want this excellent device in your hand or not.


About The Huawei p30 lite

The Huawei p30 lite has bigger storage capacity and fantastic camera quality than other flagship phones such as google pixel 3 and Realme 3 pro. Although all of these phones are great; however, the p30 lite is relatively on the same shelf. But the p30 stands out due to its price point.

It is a 120GB capacity phone with 4GB Ram to give the smoothest performance you can get from a low-medium range phone. The p30 also offers longer battery life up to 3340 mAh, with which you can play a game, watch videos, call or anything else that you can think of without any worries that your battery might run out.

However, if you think about the phone’s size, it is not the biggest one out there, but it is undoubtedly respectable considering the specifications and the price you pay. The display is relatively small, but it delivers high-quality video experience that you can get in today’s market.

Another question that might be in your mind is the camera good? So, we can tell you that it is not good but outstanding. It has a triple-lens camera which allows you to take pictures at a wide or ultra-wide mode. Moreover, the depth of the camera lens is fantastic in one word.

Key Features that Comes with the P30

The p30 is running on the latest or latest depending when reading this article Android 9. The main things that you will get in this phone are –

  • The triple-lens ultra-wide camera.
  • Phone’s body has a sleek finish with massive storage capacity.
  • It has a medium to the big screen with a sharp sensor on the screen.


Huawei p30 lite fiyat has a 6.15 inches display, we know this is not the biggest one that you can get in the market today, but the screen delivers high-end experience every time you pick it up. It has a full HD and high-resolution display with an LTPS LCD panel.

The p30 lite takes the cake for the most reasonable phone with the most significant storage capacity when it comes to storage. It gives 120GB storage; moreover, a 4GB Ram so that you do not lag when you have too much data in your phone’s storage.

It also has an Android 9 operating system with EMUI 9, giving the same gesture to get with the new iPhone X. Moreover, you also get customization options for every little detail on your screen when you dive into the settings.

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The Elegant Design

Huawei p30 lite gives you the most elegant and slick design that you can get in this budget. It comes with 6.15 inches, but the display makes up for the small screen. Moreover, if you have little hands and can barely hold bigger phones, than the p30 is the best choice.

The frame of the phone is plastic, but it provides solid metal finish like phones. It emulates the phone very nicely. In front of the device, you will get almost no bezel on the sides, and the back gives the curves which allow you to operate the phone quickly.

Moreover, you will get a fingerprint scanner on the back part and the triple-lens camera. All the buttons you will need to operate the sound and the on-off switches are on the side, and at the base, you will have the USB-C port which allows you to charge and transfer data. You will also have a 3.5 mm headphone jack port alongside with mono speaker.

P30 lite comes in peacock blue, pearl white, and midnight black colours; moreover, whichever colour you select to have in your pocket each has a glass finish. The peacock blue is my favourite colour because whichever angle you look at the phone, it projects a class finish from every angle.

The p30 is 7.4 mm thick, which gives the room for the perfect grip on your phone. Huawei p30 lite is indeed one the lightest and smart device you can have in your pocket.

Amazing Screen of Huawei p30 lite Fiyat

The Huawei p30 lite fiyat is a full HD, 6.15 inches LCD screen with a notch feature. Its size is what makes this device so manageable and easy to handle in your hand.

19:5:9 aspect ratio and light on the bezel make the device look amazing. Moreover, the water droplet notch on the top perfectly houses the selfie camera. The screen comes with a 1080 x 2312 resolution, which you should expect according to the price you will have to pay for this device. However, the p30 swap the AMOLED screen you had on the previous versions and the newer versions with the LCD screen, allowing you to get it without busting your bank.

Although LCD gives you less depth than AMOLED; however, it gives you better clarity.  Moreover, the LCD screen gives you a perfect view from every angle. This display has a pixel density of 415 pixels and better sharpness.

Another thing is the accurate colour, and also the white balance of the display makes it easier for your eyes. Moreover, you also get the option to calibrate your display specifications from the display calibration settings. The blue light filter, adjustable hues and other settings make it one the best user-friendly phone on the market.

The p30 Lite Camera

Huawei p30 lite fiyat packs with a triple-lens camera and has plenty of pixels for you. The triple-lens camera comes with one 48 MP wide, one 8 MP ultra-wide and one depth-sensing camera of 2 MP. However, the p30 lite lacks optical image stabilizations, and it also does not support your 4K videos.

This device uses pixel binning, so it combines multiple pixels into lower resolutions. For example, it shoots at 12 MP rather than the 48 MP it comes with. Moreover, it pulls out a better image with better tone and accuracy due to the pixel binning.

The night mode is also very impressive. It keeps the shutter open for longer while you are taking images in night mode. Shots are also captured very quickly despite all the pixel processing. Moreover, you can also shoot in a portrait mode to have the background blur every photographer likes to have in their pictures.

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The only thing that we see lacks in this phone is there is no auto-HDR feature. It makes contrasted shots lack in the dark and lights. However, the HDR mode shots are very dynamic and impressive.

When we consider the video configurations, there is no feature to record video at 4K resolutions. However, in this price point and all other features of this device, it is quite normal. Although it does not support 4K, the HD video configurations pack a punch and detail your images.


The interface of Huawei p30 lite Fiyat

Well, as we previously said that this phone runs on Android 9. It is relatively good. It is the latest version and has all the digital well-being centre features with battery specifications, app management features, and security updates that you will get directly from Google.

The Huawei customizes the Android version with EMUI which not that different from the other flagship of the p30. Moreover, the p30 lite does not give you the feature of EMUI desktop. It is an elegant feature which allows you to hook up your Huawei phone with TV or monitor, but the p30 lite version does not come with this feature.

The core interface is also unique and full of pull-down notification bar and other Android elements’ tinkers. You can activate the app tray from the settings, and almost every app supports the devices due to the latest version of the Google Play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Huawei p30 Lite a good phone?

The Huawei p30 lite fiyat is a fantastic phone with all the features, specifications, and price points. It projects an impactful look in whichever angle you see it. Moreover, with a versatile camera, user-friendly interface, impressive performance and battery life, it is something you need to have in your hands no doubt.


  1. What is special about Huawei p30 Lite?

The camera is what makes this particular device so unique in this price range. It comes with a 48 MP sensor and 8 MP ultra-wide, 2 MP for obligatory bokeh effect. Moreover, the front camera or selfie camera is 24 MP which gives perfect selfies in every angle. Apart from that, the performance of the new Android 9 with EMUI is just excellent.


  1. What is the refresh rate of Huawei p30 Lite?

The p30 lite screen is 6.15 inches, which we agree is not the biggest, but the video rendering and image quality are superb. Moreover, the screen provides you with great resolutions, and it has a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The screen’s high refresh rate allows no pixel shredding or distortions while watching a video or operating your phone.

  1. Is Huawei p30 Lite 2020 waterproof?

Despite having so many things jam-packed in this device still, one question will be in your mind, is it waterproof. The answer is, NO. Huawei p30 lite fiyat is not waterproof, so be careful in the rain or any place where there is water.


The Huawei p30 fiyat is one of the best phones in the market today with the latest operating system, camera, performance, display, image quality, battery life; moreover, all of these comes at a very reasonable price. Other than that the device is pretty durable and not to mention the slick and classy look of this device.

That is the main focus of this particular article, to acknowledge the p30’s features and specifications so that you can decide whether it is worth your money or not.

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