How to Choose the Best Distribution Carts for a Warehouse

How to Choose the Best Distribution Carts for a Warehouse

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How to Choose the Best Distribution Carts for a Warehouse

The kind of work distributors do in warehouses are very demanding. They carried items with their bare hands from one place to the other. However, the introduction of distribution carts has made their work easier.

With distribution carts, it is possible to carry double the amount of items within a short time. Mind you, they do not take away the stress of the job as you would still walk around the warehouse while pushing them. Regardless, the stress from this cannot be compared to the times where distributors had to use their bare hands.

While it might seem like the issue of distributing items in the warehouse has been resolved, people still complain that some distribution carts do not last as long as they are supposed to. There have been cases where the cart came apart while items were being moved in it.

We want to help you avoid such incidents by showing you how to choose the best distribution carts.

Factors to ConsiderWhen Choosing Distribution Carts for a Warehouse

Products to betransported

There are various types of carts for carrying various types of products. Before buying a cart, find out what products they will be used to transport (type), how heavy the products are (weight), how big they are (size), and the forms they come in (shape).

If the products are very large, then you know that your carts will be bigger and vice versa.

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Also, some carts carry different products of different sizes. In such cases you can arranged multiple items on each other. For example, different boxes of different products. So, find out if this is also possible with the products you will be transporting so you have an idea of the amount of space you the cart should have.

The Environment

Some warehouses have multiple floors. So they may have elevators for people to get to other floors. Consider the environment in which the cart will be used. Will you be required to transport products to other floors?

Will the doors of the elevators be large enough to enable the cart to go through? Will the space in the elevator be large enough to accommodate it?

Find answers to these questions before you buy a distribution cart.

Frequency of Usage

Frequency of Usage

This factor is one that a lot of distributors do not consider. How often you use a product affects its durability.

If you plan to use a cart solely for transporting small products, a medium-sized one would do. On the other hand, only large carts will be able to transport large products. Large carts were made for that purpose and they are stronger compared to others.

Check out the different types of carts: to know what might work for you.


Sometimes, you might run into situations that would not necessarily require you to get a new cart but would test the versatility of the one you already have.

If you need to pull the cart through doorways and the handles are hindering it from pulling through, is it possible for you to fold the handles and get the cart out? If the cart is too tall for the space it was designed to fit, is it possible to reduce its height?

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If you have a bunch of products to transport and you want to move them at once, can you extend the cart so you can have more space or pull it back in if you have too much space? All these are worth considering to avoid unnecessary stress.


Distributions carts were made to aid the transporting process in warehouses.

If you had to distribute five heavy boxes with your hands, you would have to make five stops. You will also beexpending a lot of energy especially if you need to do this multiple times a day.

However, if you have a cart, you could pick two or more boxes at once. This would reduce the number of stops you have to make, thereby saving you time and energy. You can click here to learn more about the benefits of having a good cart in your warehouse.

Finally, carefully consider the factors we mentioned in this article before purchasing distribution carts. This will prevent undue stress and will ensure that you get good value for your money.

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