How To Check Your Airtel Number
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People often tend to forget about different things. It happens due to their busy schedule in their daily lives. We have often seen that people have forgotten their phone number. If you have recently bought a new sim card, it’s not uncommon for you to forget your phone number at first. Or, sometimes what happens is you have found your lost sim card, but you don’t remember the phone number of your sim card. Things like these often happen to people around us. But the real problem is how to restore your forgotten phone number. In this article, we will discuss how check AIRTEL NUMBER.

How to check own number on Airtel

Let’s pretend that you have forgotten your airtel mobile number since you had bought your airtel sim card recently a few days ago. Or, you have lost your sim card and found it recently, but you have forgotten your airtel number because of not using it for quite some time. So, how will you restore your airtel phone number now? It’s relatively easy to do it. There are many ways to regain your forgotten airtel number.

Use your balance:

It’s a straightforward way. Anyone can do it. To check your forgotten phone number, call on another number: your friend’s or someone in your family. Then note down the mobile number displayed on the screen of the person’s phone you just called. After that, That number is your own airtel mobile phone number.

Use WhatsApp:

If you use an Android, an iPhone, or any other smartphone and have the WhatsApp mobile phone application installed on it, you can use it to check your forgotten airtel phone number. To do that, first, open up the WhatsApp application on your device by pressing on the green-coloured phone icon. After opening the application, go to the settings option. From there, tap on your profile, and you will see your airtel phone number displayed on your screen.

Use USSD code:

Now let’s think that you don’t have enough balance on your airtel sim card to call someone and take his or her help to figure out your forgotten mobile phone number. You also don’t use any smartphone devices. You use a simple button phone only, on which you can’t use the WhatsApp mobile phone application to figure out your forgotten phone number. So how will you restore your forgotten phone number now?

The answer is easy. You can use the USSD code of retrieving phone number for airtel to figure out your forgotten phone number. It can operate in both the regular button phone and smartphone devices to restore your forgotten phone number. Just follow the instructions below to check your airtel phone number using the USSD code.

  1. First, make sure the airtel phone number’s sim card is in the phone on which you will dial the phone number.
  2. Then dial the USSD code *121*7*3#. (note: The following USSD code is to figure out the airtel number used in Bangladesh only).
  3. After dialling the USSD code, wait for a few seconds. Then you will see a message on the screen of your phone that says, ‘Your mobile number is: 880……….’. If you are using an Android or iPhone, then you will see a message ‘USSD code running…’ at first. A notification will then arrive on your device, which says, ‘Your Airtel no is: 880……….’.


You can restore your forgotten airtel no by using this simple dialling USSD code method. Since it can operate in both regular button phones and smartphone devices, it’s your best and simple option to check your forgotten airtel phone number.

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Airtel provides mobile networks all across Bangladesh. Airtel is an international mobile network service provider company. In India, people use airtel sim as well. Airtel provides 3.5G and 4.5G network services at present, which makes the communication process much faster and easier now. In Bangladesh, it is operational as well.

Airtel is a global telecommunications service company that operates and provides services in 18 different countries across South Asia, Africa, and other remote islands. It is one of the leading global telecommunications companies. In India, it is the second-largest mobile operator company.

It is the fourth-largest mobile operator company across the globe, with over 439.84 million subscribers. In the first-ever brands ranking made by Millward Brown and Wpp plc, Airtel was named India’s second most valuable brand.

In Bangladesh, Airtel is the largest no 1 ‘network of friends,’ with more than 13.4 million active subscribers. The company provides a 4G network to more than 500 thanas in Bangladesh. It is the most comprehensive network that covers 90% of the population’s communication demands. If you want, you can also be a part of this vast communication network.

Airtel is famous for its corporate responsibility initiatives in ICT, education, environment, and health sectors. It moves forward, intending to contribute towards the sustainable development of the country.

A brief discussion on the history of Airtel

Bharti Airtel Limited, commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian global telecommunication company. It’s headquarter is situated in New Delhi, India. It was established in 1985, and at present, Airtel is one of the leading global telecommunications companies. Currently, Airtel provides its telecommunication services in about 18 countries across Asia and Africa.

In terms of subscriber base, Airtel is the largest cellular network service provider in India. According to the analyst firm wireless intelligence, Bharti Airtel is now the fourth-largest mobile operator in the world, which has over 250 million connections globally.

Airtel in Bangladesh

In 2010, the telecommunication company in Bangladesh, Warid Telecom, sold a majority of its 70% share in the company to India’s telecommunication company Bharti Airtel Limited for US$300 million. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission approved the deal. On January 4, 2010, Bharti Airtel Limited took management control of the company, its board, and re-branded its services under its brand name ‘airtel’ from December 20, 2010.

Bharti’s proposal also included an initial $300-million investment in Warid for creating new shares in the company. In March 2013, telecommunication company Warid Telecom sold the rest of its 30% share to Bharti Airtel’s Singapore-based concern Bharti Airtel Holdings Pte Limited for US$85 million. That’s how the journey of airtel began in Bangladesh.

Axiata Group of Malaysia and Bharti Enterprise of India agreed on merging their respective operations in Bangladesh on January 28, 2016. In January 2016, they officially announced that they intended to join their operations in Bangladesh.

The final decision was that the combined company would refer to as ‘Robi.’ The merged company set out to serve about 32 million subscribers. In the profits, the merged company would make, the Axiata Group of Malaysia would own 68.7% of the shares, and the Bharti Group of India would own 25.0% of the claims.

NTT Docomo would own the remaining 6.3% of the shares. The merger complete in November 2016. The merged company ‘Robi’ began its commercial operation on November 16, 2016, in Bangladesh. Robi granted a license to use the Airtel brand in Bangladesh to have 016 number series.

Useful info for checking Your Airtel Number:

What is a USSD code? If you don’t know the answer, then you are in the right place.

USSD stands for (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). It’s also known as feature codes or quick codes. It is a communications protocol system. So, This system is used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network computers of the operators.

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Anyone can use USSD prepaid callback services, mobile-money transfer services, location-based content services like configuring the phone on the network, menu-based information services, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browsing, as well as.

USSD messages can be up to 182 alphanumeric characters long. Unlike SMS (Short Massage Service) messages, USSD messages create a real-time connection at the time of a USSD session. This connection remains open and allows a two-way exchange of a data sequence. This two-way exchange of a data sequence makes USSD messages more responsive than those that use SMS messages.

How USSD messages work:

A standard USSD message starts with an asterisk (*). Then it is followed by digits that contain commands or data of the massage. Groups of numbers separated for adding additional asterisks. The message ends by using a hash symbol (#). USSD messages can be up to 182 alphanumeric characters long.

When a mobile phone user sends a message to the phone company’s network, a computer dedicated to USSD receives that message. After processing that massage, the computer’s response sends back to the phone. The answer is sent back in a raw format that can easily be seen on the phone screen.

Any standard or the specific body does not define messages sent over USSD. So an operator of each network can implement whatever is most suitable for its customers.


Uses of USSD:

  • USSD is commonly used by prepaid cellular phones with GSM to check the available balance on the user’s sim card. It can also refill the balance on the user’s sim card, deliver PIN codes or one time passwords. USSD can provide enhanced mobile marketing capabilities, interactive data services, independent calling services like a callback service, which helps reduce phone charges while roaming, etc.
  • Some operators use USSD and access real-time updates from social media networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Information sites like Wikipedia use USSD to send articles to some featured phones.
  • USSD often use in sync with SMS. In this process, the user sends a request to the network via USSD, and the network replies with an acknowledgement response of the user’s claim.

FAQS for How To Check Your Airtel Number

  • What is USSD?

Answer: USSD is the short form of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. So, It is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the operators’ mobile network computers.

  • What is the USSD code for figuring out airtel numbers?

Answer: The USSD code for finding out your airtel number is *121*7*3# (In Bangladesh)

  • Can I use the USSD code to find one’s number for checking out mobile balance or checking out mobile recharge offers?

Answer: No, you can’t. The USSD codes for checking mobile balance and recharge offers are different. You can’t use the same code for everything. Moreover, The USSD codes are other from sim card to sim card.

  • What is the USSD code for checking mobile balance in airtel?

Answer: The USSD code for checking mobile balance in airtel is *778# (In case, you are  Bangladeshi).

  • Can I use the same USSD code to find my airtel number and find out the phone numbers on other sim cards?

Answer: No, you can’t. Every sim card has its specific USSD code. So, You have to use the particular USSD code for the specific sim card to find its phone number.


Even if you forget your phone number, if you know the USSD codes for finding out your phone number, you can quickly figure out your forgotten phone number. But keep in mind that the USSD codes for airtel numbers in Bangladesh and the USSD codes for airtel numbers in India are not the same. They vary from country to country.

So, We hope the information in this article was useful to you, and it was able to answer many of your questions.

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