Crucial Reasons to Be Happy
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It’s hard when you get fired. It’s doubly hard if your job was your favorite and you lost it unexpectedly, without having time to prepare a financial cushion. Although being fired often leads to positive changes, it only becomes obvious after a while. And it’s hard right now. Let’s list why being fired is sometimes even a good thing.

You no Longer Have to Work at a Job You Don’t Like

Think of acquaintances who were once educated in a field that was not interesting to them, and now by inertia are doing something that causes boredom. Even if you have a different case, there must have been a lot of unloved tasks in your work.

You don’t have to do them anymore. And if you have to – you can bargain at a new place with a higher salary and conditions more pleasant than before.

You Will Find a Job Where Your Skills Will Be Better Paid

Maybe you were too humble to ask your superiors for a raise every year and a half or two years. Or your management was pressured by guilt, conscience, loyalty and other lofty matters and regularly talked about the crisis in the industry – you were just uncomfortable asking for more for a great job.

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Now you can objectively assess what you are worth as a professional and apply for jobs with higher salaries, bonuses and benefits.

You Get a Break

If before you worked without breaks for food and sleep – voluntarily or under pressure of corporate culture – now you can rest: from work itself, from overworking on weekends and holidays, from long trips to the office and back, from the tasks you did not like, from the demanding boss-micro-manager, from toxic colleagues (without which no company can do).

You Will Be Able to Implement Your Ideas

Many people have hobby projects or business ideas, but they don’t have resources or even motivation, because you do not get paid for moving towards your dreams.

Now you have the time and strength to try, and the lack of money or investment can be solved in different ways: crowdfunding, material assistance from friends and relatives, winning while using this betting website, or vacation savings. Years from now, you will be proud that you tried. 

You’ll Learn How to Network

Sure, you’ve heard how important it is to make an effort and develop a network of business contacts. But when the choice came between having lunch with friends at your favorite coffee shop or having a cup of coffee with someone you didn’t know for the sake of “staying in touch” – what did you choose? This was repeated for years, until a layoff forced you to remember all the people you had long ignored.

Now networking has become a daily exercise: you write to distant acquaintances, join professional communities and comment on posts by experts in your industry. Such activity can help you in your job search, and even if it doesn’t work, your contacts will stay with you.

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Moreover, with time you will realize that networking does not require a huge willpower from you because thanks to it you get acquainted and communicate with interesting and successful people.

You Will Learn New Things or Improve Your Skills

In your previous job, you were used to being able to do everything you needed to get a regular paycheck and sometimes a bonus. But many jobs mention skills you don’t have, knowledge you didn’t get in college, or languages you only learned in school.

Now, for the sake of the necessary line on your resume, you will have to learn new things and fill in professional gaps. And studying is likely to help you take your mind off the forced downtime and raise your self-esteem.

You Will Rethink Your Relationship With Your Loved Ones

You are used to having them around; perhaps they annoy you a little. But deep down, you are sure that you hold everything in the house, and you are always ready to come to the aid of relatives. You have also helped your friends a lot in word and deed.

Now it’s their turn – and it’s likely they won’t disappoint you. Quitting will help you realize how rich you are, because loving, caring loved ones are significant.

You Will Become Happier

Not right now, but one day. By then you’ll have dealt with pessimism and apathy, sorted out your life priorities, figured out what you want from your career, and set your sights on new goals. If it’s about a new job, you’ll find one. If it’s about creating a business or going freelance – you will make the first steps, get the first orders or sales, and start to look at the future with optimism.

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