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Celtic plc is the foundered of this hilarious newspaper. Celtic designed a newspaper for football in 1965. Gradually, this newspaper gets fame and popularity with time. The Celtic view is now the oldest club magazine in the football club. Celtic has become one of the excellent platforms in Scotland. In January 2019, Celtic was among the 32 UEFA clubs with the highest enterprise value. However, our purpose is to you aware of the latest and Celtic FC news.

So, let’s moves toward Celtic FC news now:

Who is the best Celtic player?

Billy McNeill is one of the most generous people in Scottish Celtic. He proved himself a perfect person in Celtic in enormous competitions and captained the team from 1916 to his retirement for playing in 1975. I’ll also share some notable players who have a significant impact in Celtic FC news now

  • James Kelly is the first Celtic club captain. Later, he becomes a director or as a brief spell in chairpersons.
  • John Thomson played almost over 200 games for Celtic. Lastly, meet his death with an on-field head injury.
  • Scott Brown made 600 appearances for the Celtic club, and he is the current captain of the team. So, he has an enormous impact on Celtic FC news now.
  • Jimmy Johnstone get the title of a good player of Celtic FC ever in 2002. This title is awarded to him by the Celtic supporters.
  • Fraser Forster went 1256 minutes without conceding s goal in lead Celtic matches and set a new Scotland Celtic record in 2014.
  • Alec McNair also made an enormous appearance in the Celtic club, and he is the oldest player for Scotland Celtic, playing up to the age of 41
  • Jimmy McCrory is the record goal scorer in the Celtic game. Suddenly, he made 550 goals in competitive first-class matches.
  • Roy Aitken made a 672 appearance in the Celtic game in most obvious competitions. He also captained the team and awarded with a cup double in his centenary year of
  • Henrik Larson is among the best players who gave the most appearance in Celtic, and he is also the third-highest goal scorer of his time.

Let’s moves towards more events about the Celtic club and Celtic FC news; please scroll down:

Celtic FC news now about matches.

I’ll share a table with you to show some of the latest Celtic FC club matches, which means a lot in the Celtic FC club’s progress and fame.

Dates of matches  Celtic team
 Yesterday  Celtic 1-2 St Mirren
    29 Jan Celtic 2-0 Hamilton Academicals
    21 Jan Livingstone 2-2 Celtic
    16 Jan Celtic 0-0 Livingstone
    12 Jan Celtic 1-1 Hibernian
    2 Jan Rangers 1-0 Celtic


The Celtic Club is one of the biggest Scotland clubs, and it is the only one that wins European club when the team beat Inter Milan 2-1 in 1967. Now Celtic FC news gives info about any current affairs. To know more about Celtic FC news now, you have to look below-listed content.

Celtic FC NEWS:

Celtic 1-2 ST Mirren said; defeat is the lowest point of NEIL TENNON LENURE:

Lennon admitted his fault that he feels let down by his players as he labeled defeat to St Mirren, and it is among his first lower point in his Celtic managerial career.

  • Furthermore, the lack of quality and decrease in belief don’t only refer to individuals. It’s collective and symptomatic of the Celtic season.
  • He said that it was dreadful and I would deserve what I got today. Suddenly Lennon’s argued that it is the lowest point of six years of my leading Celtic career.
  • I want to know the adversity and strength in such competitive Celtic games, but I need some support players to turn this lowest defeat into the highest achievement in Celtic.
  • Hence it isn’t easy to turn around, but we are all directed towards motivational ideas. I think we have to change some players of a Celtic team’s mindset to improve our performance.
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Neil Lennon’s incredible Celtic interview

Neil Lennon’s admitted his defeat and accepts that his players lead him down as they slumped to a 2-1 defeat by St. Mirren. Neil Lennon had been accusing of setting down for the first time in his six-year Celtic journey in a botched 10 in Row season.

The premiership champions make a chance to approximately a 23points gap to the Rangers, and they lost their game in hands. St Mirren beat Lennon at Park’s head to assure the gulf remains the same. The Celtic club is no back in two-game more. However, there is no improvement shown by the Celtic team. Furthermore, after the final whistle, they aimed at players and insisting that they had not given him enough performance. At last, speaking to BBC Scotland, Lennon admitted his fault, and he answered queries about his future as:

Kenny Macintyre:

What was your assessment of your performance?


  • It’s abysmal performance. We started the game with attention and also conceded a common goal from our point of view. Also, we know that we should take this game well to improve our previous performance and make our balance and quality right.
  • We thought this time we win the game with a hilarious performance, but again we concede with an awful match. We dominated the game with the best performance in the second half turn, but we decreased our genuine quality in finishing.
  • Expect to get crescendo under pressure and play well to win Celtic, but we lack these qualities this season for whatever reasons. Had enough procession and enough quality playing to at least something out of the game, but I should not enough be talking about something getting out of the game. We should be winning that game

Kenny McIntyre:

This defeating side took a shadow of the Celtic team winning Scottish football for a long time now. What would you say about it?


  • An excellent query. However, people look, they can’t be confident about it. There is no pressure on them, and no fans are here.
  • There’s a lack of quality and belief, and I admitted there was an inferior performance, either defensive or offensive, it’s not good enough.
  • With time, the amount of the ball we had, even at the end, our final ball, free-kicks going into the goalkeeper’s hands and just fading out. And that’s not all like us. It has been symptomatic of my season.

Kenny McIntyre:

Can demands of seasons and pressure prove to be too much for some in this club?


  • I think so, yeah!
  • I’ll not disagree with that. All are human beings at the day end. Maybe some people can’t understand the momentary size of the achievement.
  • There is also a disconnect from the team before look down, which’s the leading reason for defeat.

Kenny McIntyre:

I have spoken to you before about advertising Neil. Are there questions to be asked about guys like Bark, Kalamata, and Duffy, guys that so far haven’t shown enough to be at this football club?


It’s your choice, Kenny.

Kenny McIntyre:

What do you think, Lennon, it’s good enough? Have you got enough performance from these players?  I had looked at half-time. You also took off Leigh Griffiths and had two strikers on the bench that you don’t turn. Again, that’s you indeed back up what I have said?

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  • I got Agate half an hour You could also look at Leigh and see their performance as well.
  • It’s not all about the player’s performance; it’s all about some players who had not given their best performance in the Celtic club.

Kenny McIntyre:

Have you decided to let down these players?


Honestly speaking YES

Kenny McIntyre:

What you think about your position Lennon? Do you think it is still main to deal with this club because you agree that what you have seen far makes it hard to leave the Celtic club?

I agree with the result due to low point performance.

  • It isn’t easy to assess, but I try my best to prepare my coaches’ fantastic performance.
  • But we need something back from players as well.

Kenny McIntyre:

Do you expect a difficult conversation in weeks to come?


  • I already have a few of them in a week.
  • Don’t worry about that!

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Next Celtic manager ODDS

Here’s I’ll discuss some expected Celtic odd managers to replace Lennon’s.

  • Rafael Benitez gets votes 1/4 for manager odd of the Celtic club.
  • John Kennedy secures 12/1 for appointing as a captain of the Celtic club.
  • Roy keener makes 16/1 for voting as a manager odds club.
  • Leonardo jar dim cast about 20/1 for a place in manager as a Celtic club.
  • Jack rose gets 16/1 to replace Lennon’s
  • Furthermore, Edie Howe gains 3/1 as a result of voting for Celtic club manager
  • Steve Clarke obtains 16/1 to replace the trusted and famous full manager of the Celtic club.
  • Gordon Strachan voted with 25/1 to hire as a manager in the Celtic club for a long time.
  • Furthermore, Henrik Larsson also got 25/1 audience support.

Celtic FC news now includes some events and replacement. To know, scroll down further.

Rafael Benitez now becomes the new manager of the Celtic club:

Rafael Benitez is now the new manager of a Celtic club to replace Lennon’s. However, pressure elevated in the last week of 2k20. Lennon was considerable favorite high-ranking ice for the manager in the Celtic club. But with time, people’s choice changes, and they voted for some other persons such as Benitez and Howe to replace Lennon’s.

Benitez linked to return from a former club in china. Benitez said the statement as:

  • “Unfortunately, many things happen badly in 2020, such as pandemic coronavirus and look down. Similarly, from today both my coaching staff and I don’t be able to join training Dalian professional FC.

Furthermore, He is also frustrated by constant comparisons to Benitez’s famous three-year reign. Bruce proclaimed last week:

  • “He was a world-class manager.”

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Celtic chief Law well to retire in June.

Celtic chief executive Law well needs to stand down in June. Peter law well to retire on Friday in the summer season. During Law well 17 years journey, the club picked almost 29 trophies and reached championships. He apologized to Celtic fans after the club criticized a warm-weather training camp for the Dubai team, which led to two players testing positive for COVID-19.

Law well said in one of his conclusions that

  • “I’ll always proud of what we achieved together, and also it is a particular privilege to be involved in Celtic club history which brought immense and remarkable success.”

He also said some other words as to leave a memory of chief master-ship:

  • “Joining Celtic as a Chief executive in once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone.”

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