Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Recruitment in Director of Accountant and Treasury Directorate, Maharashtra Government (Mahakosh)

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 Director of Accountant and Treasury Directorate, Maharashtra Government (Mahakosh)

Applications are invited online by the eliguntous candidates for the posts of Accountant Clerk / Audit Clerk and Junior Accountant / Junior Auditor for the post of Director of Accountant and Treasury Directorate, Maharashtra Government.

598 seats for the post of Account Clerk / Audit Clerk
Category of seats, category 9, seats of category 9, seats of Ajaas, 15 seats, Bhaj (category), 14 seats, Bhaj (c) category 19, Bhaj (d) category 9 seats, insurance category 12 seats, And Candidate category 9 5 seats, Ima category 104 seats and open category 218 seats (15 seats reserved for Divya category candidates).
334 posts of Junior Accountant / Junior Auditor
SC category 23 seats, Aja category 23 seats, VISA (A) category 11 seats, Bhaj (B) category 5 seats, Bhaj (c) category 9 seats, Bhaj (d) category 8 seats, insurance category category 8, And M.Pages category 56 seats, Imav category 67 seats and open category 114 seats (8 seats for Divya candidates are reserved).
Date of application - 9 January 2019 (from 10 am
Last date for application - 29 January 2019 (11 PM till 11 PM)

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